Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi (2015) – Jason Fry


Ahh Star Wars… I’m writing this on the 12th, so haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet, but you’d better believe I am damned excited, and am trying to get my hands on the new, ever-expanding, now canon universe that exists outside the film in the form of books and comics.

So I dug into the second of three ‘Young Adult’ books that came out a while ago, one for each of the big three heroes from the Original Trilogy. The Weapon of a Jedi, obviously, focusses on young Luke Skywalker, and the events take place shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and the destruction of the Death Star in A New Hope.

Luke is asked to do a milk run, and collect some data tapes filled with information, but during his transit, he feels himself inexplicably drawn to the planet Devaron. Still inexperienced in the Force, and hardly able to handle his lightsaber, he is accompanied on his journey by the loyal droids C-3PO and R2-D2, as he pilots a Y-Wing, that shortly into his mission encounters some trouble, and he is forced to return to Devaron.

On his landing approach he sees some strange towers, and makes some inquires about them with the locals, only hearing tales of ghosts and long dead sorcerers, Intrigued, Luke feels himself drawn to the place, and recruits the help of a guide.

Reaching the towers, he makes an incredible discovery, and must learn to open himself to the Force if he ever plans to be a Jedi Knight like his father, and Ben Kenobi.


While not as action packed, nor as long as the Princess Leia adventure, Moving Target, this story, too, felt like a real part of the Star Wars universe, the dialogue, the beats, and the characters all created imager in the head that played out like a real Star Wars adventure, which, to my mind, is a good thing, especially if these are now considered canon.

I quite like how Fry writes Luke and the droids, especially when he finds himself learning about and using the Force for the first time since the destruction of the Death Star.

I don’t want to give too much away beyond that because, well spoilers, and of course, once again, there’s a nice tie in at the beginning and the end of the book with the new film, as a young pilot finds herself listening to a story from a red-armed C-3Po, who becomes that much more interesting to her when she finds out he knows Luke and R2.

It’s fun, exciting, and I’m not sure my enthusiasm for the new movie can get much higher than it is. I will say this, even if I don’t like the new film, there is a new vigor and life in the saga now that is hard not to be caught up in. I love all the new Star Wars things we are seeing, the comics, the books, the toys, the games… So my Journey to The Force Awakens has been an amazing one. (And by the time this post goes up, who knows how many times I will have seen it already!?!).


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