Magnum, p.i. (1985) – Ms. Jones and The Man From Marseilles 


It’s a fun week for Thomas (Tom Selleck) in Hawaii with this pair of episodes. Up first is Ms. Jones, which had an airdate of 7 march, 1985 and was written by Phil Combest.

Over the course of the series, Thomas has encountered Ms. Jones (Margie Impert), a records clerk, a couple of times, and each time he does, she gets a personal phone call from her husband, Ray (Sam Anderson), while he’s waiting that plays havoc with her love life.

Well now, this time after an encounter with her at the Records office, along with an attractive blonde, Karen Summers (Marcia Wolf), Ms. Jones, Madeline, comes to Thomas for help. She’s convinced that Ray has gone missing.

It seems Ray is working on a formula that will help revolutionize artificial intelligence in computers, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. As they track Ray and his contact Mark Phelps (Robert F. Hoy) across the island, they find themselves in a strip bar, a computer center, and a gun club…

But what is really going on here? and how is Colonel Buck Greene (Lance LeGault) involved?

This ends up being a real fun episode, and it’s great to see a small recurring character get a moment to shine in the series.

It’s also really funny watching Thoma try to avoid T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) for the entire episode, as the private investigator broke the helicopter pilot’s binoculars, and doesn’t want to tell him.

Some fun moments.

Also there’s a lot of fun involving Ms. Jones being hypnotized by Higgins (John Hillerman) and some chess maneuvers.


The Man From Marseilles was written by Reuben Leder with an airdate of 14 March, 1985. This one plays like a Robin Masters novel, which is the point, I think, as Thomas and Carol (Kathleen Lloyd) are sneaking a peek at the author’s new novel, Die and Die Again, much to Higgin’s upset.

The pair find themselves quickly drawn into a similar adventure when France’s foremost detective, and basis for the characters in Masters’ book, Jean Claude Fornier (Paul Verdier) arrives on the island, and asks for Thomas’ help in locating a missing heir.

This episode always sticks out in my mind, because it’s the one that features Thomas singing in a karaoke bar, moments before he catches Fornier standing over a dead body.

From there it turns into a tense affair as jealousy seems to blossom because Carol is giving too much attention to Fornier, and not her friend Thomas.

But is it possible both of them are being played and that there is something else going on here? Isn’t there always a twist in these things, and could Fornier be up to something much more dire?

While not as enjoyable as the episode preceding it, this one was solid, and also gives us a look, I think, at how most Robin Masters books would play out… well as much as they could on primetime television in the 80s.

Until next time, Aloha!



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