Black Sails: Season 2


Last year, Anchor Bay sent me the first season of Starz pirate adventure-drama, Black Sails, and I chain-watched the entire season over two sittings. I was aghast that this show had somehow slipped under my radar, it’s beautifully shot with gorgeous locations, practical sets (with some fantastic computer generated extensions) and has a fantastic cast including Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Hannah New and Zach McGowan.

So when the chance to take a look at season 2 came around I leapt at it. Honestly, this is the only way to watch television for me. I’ll wait until the season is done and then watch all the episodes in one long run. I find it makes for a more fulfilling viewing experience.

Season 2 is more of the same from series creators Robert Levine and Jonathan E. Steinberg, rousing storylines, brutal and violent clashes, sex appeal, and a collection of characters that you’re never quite sure if you should love or hate, but they sure as hell keep you interested.

In the broadest strokes, the series continues telling the story of Captain Flint (Stephens) and John Silver ( Arnold) 20 years before the events of Stevenson’s Treasure Island. But that, as we discovered last season was just the launching point for the series. Since then we’ve been introduced to a wealth of characters, given hints of backstory; Flint’s continues to be expanded on this season as his relationship with Miranda Barlow (Louise Barnes) and his time in the Royal Navy.

Black Sails 2014

Picking up where season 1 left off, we find Flint ousted as captain for his actions last season, and the wealth of Spanish gold just out of tantalizing reach. Flint needs to find a way back to his captaincy, Silver needs to make himself indispensable to the crew and they all return to Nassau to see the fallout of what happened there last season… Captain Charles Vane (MgGowan) has taken the fort, and has formed an uneasy alliance with Eleanor Guthrie (New).

From there, lines of trust are blurred, sides are played against the other, as everyone seems intent on chasing down the gold for themselves. Partnerships are betrayed, new lovers are taken, and violence is a way of life.

The blu-rays look gorgeous, the shooting locations of Cape Town, South Africa serving perfectly as the Bahamas. The water is the beautiful turquoise I know from my youth, and the cinematography highlights the natural beauty of the location but the stunning cast as well.

The third disc of the set contains all the series extras, and we’re also given a sneak peek of Season 3, which begins 24 January, 2016. So there’s plenty of time between now and then not only to get caught up on this fantastic series, but to share it with friends!

I find that I get completely wrapped up in this show as I watch it, and while I hate waiting year to year to binge watch it when it hits blu-ray, it has ended up being worth it so far!!

Set sail for this series! Seasons 1 and 2 are available now from Anchor Bay!


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