The A-Team (1983) – The Only Church in Town and Bad Time On The Border


Face’s (Dirk Benedict) love life, and why he is the way he is comes to light this week, in The Only Church in Town. The episode was written by Babs Greyhosky and originally aired 11 October, 1983.

When an ex-girlfriend, Leslie (Markie Post) reaches out to Face for help, he drops everything, including a young woman he’s romancing to try to reach her. In fact, he hires the rest of the team, Hannibal (George Peppard), Murdock (Dwight Schultz), B.A. (Mr. T) and Amy (Melinda Culea) to help him – which happens amidst lots of digs about being a cheapskate and proper billing.

But when a deal is reached the team heads off to Ecuador, much to B.A.’s upset, he’s tired of waking up in foreign countries. Things go a little sideways however, when the reach the location only to learn that Leslie has become a nun. Face doesn’t know how to react.

It seems the entire convent/orphanage that Leslie works at is being held by gangsters, who are holed up their while their injured leader, Salvador (Ismael Carlo) convalesced.

While Face comes to terms with the fact that the only woman he has ever actually loved left him for god.

What it doesn’t do is stop him, or the rest of the team from helping the nuns and children out by taking on the gangsters, clearing them out, and putting a stop to their troubling actions once and for all.

It’s a solid episode, and it’s always fun to see Babs working with Cannell.


Bad Time on the Border is next. This one was written by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas E. Szollosi, with an airdate of 18 October, 1983.

It seems there are some corrupt border guards, led by Taggart (Jack Ging) who are working for a man named Prince (Dennis Lipscomb) as coyotes, smuggling illegal immigrants over from Mexico and trapping them in debts they can never work off.

When a little girl slips away and meets B.A., the team learns that her mother is deathly ill, and that she’ll be left to die.

Working from Face’s conned yacht, the team comes up with a plan, that involves Hannibal going undercover as an illegal, and trying to find his way across the border with Prince’s help. The rest of the team will follow him, and then bust the ring up, let the illegals free and save the girl’s mother.

Things go a little pear-shaped, however, when the team loses track of Hannibal, and he’s rumbled by Taggart, who throws him into a hot box to break his will. Silly Taggart.

Things escalate, until they track Hannibal down, all while the Colonel is rousing the illegals to rise up against their captors.

For some reason, Murdock is fixated on Moby Dick this episode, and has a cockroach safe in a match box whom he talks to and calls Herman.

It’s also rather amazing how all these location that the Team has been to so far in the series look a lot like Southern California.

Until next week. Remember if you can afford them, and you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.


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