Magnum, p.i. (1984) – Blind Justice and Murder 101


Chris Abbott wrote Blind Justice, which aired 8 November, 1984, and this poses a wonderfully ethical problem for Thomas (Tom Selleck).

The private investigator is approached by his friend, prosecuting attorney Carol Baldwin (Kathleen Lloyd) about helping out on her case as a witness, as well as doing some investigating for her. She wants to make sure a case she is working on is completely wrapped up.

She’s prosecuting Gregory Bowman (Gary Epper) for murdering his physically abused wife, Debbie (Marian Green). Greg has a history of abusing women, and has previously been acquitted of murder… his previous wife.

Thomas digs into the case, gathering up circumstantial and corroborating evidence, and has a moment to chat with the Bowman’s little girl, Elizabeth (Natalie Gregory). It’s here that he learns a shocking truth, despite the fact that he abused her, and may have committed murder before, something which can be proven, now, he may be innocent of murder this time.

Thomas is left between serving the law, and seeing justice done… A great dilemma to put our character through.

The episode isn’t all serious though, Higgins (John Hillerman) is furious at Magnum for ruining the garden, and takes the Ferrari away, forcing Thomas to buy a used car. There’s also a great bit, when, seeking records, he ends up dealing with the same clerk, Ms. Jones (Margie Impert) that he dealt with two years prior in the episode Mr. White Death.

A wonderfully balanced episode with a great story, I really liked this one.


Murder 101 is a little lighter fare. It was written by Rogers Turrentine, with an airdate of 15 November, 1984, and sees Thomas in the classroom of a local college.

He’s been asked to teach a course on private investigating, something he’s eager to do, but is warned by the dean, Gaylord (Alan Fudge) that his class requires at least 8 students to run for the full semester. So he turns to Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) to bolster his numbers.

Settling in to teach the class, it seems that a few of his students want to pursue their own cases instead of rehashing one that Thomas has already solved, so it turns out that they end up taking on the case of their classmate, Stacy (Marilyn Jones) who wants to track down her missing fiancé, Ted (George O’Hanlon jr.).

She dropped him off at the airport, but he forgot his ticket, and hasn’t been seen since.

Thomas and his students start to dig into the case, going through garbage in a class room exercise, seeking out information in bars, and finally starting to put things together, when they learn of the involvement of the Treasury Department.

The episode climaxes outside the King Kamehameha club, and happily, the entire class shows up to help out.

This episode just plays out as fun, occasionally goofy, and lets the boys have a bit of a breather. It’s just a light, enjoyable ep…

Until next time Aloha!




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