Magnum, p.i. (1984) – Under World and Fragments


It’s more fun and excitement in Hawaii this week as Thomas (Tom Selleck) and company end up in trouble, adventure and the target of murder…

First up is Under World, written by Reuben Leder, this episode had an original airdate of 25 October, 1984.

T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) is flying a honeymoon couple to Maui, where he is asked by a scientist attending a conference there to fly an important case of samples back to the main island, with a healthy fee in his pocket, the chopper takes off, only to be shot down on his way back from Molokai. Crashing into the ocean, T.C. is rescued, but in a coma, and his chopper is trashed and on the ocean floor.

Thomas, Rick (Larry Manetti) and Higgins (John Hillerman) all arrive at the hospital to check on their friend, and meet one of T.C.’s brothers, Gerald (Richard Lawson), who is adamant about helping Magnum find out what happened to his brother.

With Gerald in tow, Thomas and Rick cruise out to the crash, and begin an investigation, but when Higgins is shot at, and ends up in the hospital alongside T.C., there is definitely more going on here than anyone realizes…

And not everyone may be who they say they are…

This is a fine episode, Leder is proving to be a strong writer for the show, and there is a great, and well-shot, underwater chase sequence at the climax of the episode.

I particularly like the end of the episode when T.C. and Higgins are released from the hospital, but only after a warning from Doc Ibold (Glenn Cannon) to avoid any excitement. So on the way out, of course it is one gag after another as tons of things happen around the group as they try to make their exit…

magnum fragments

Fragments enters a bit of almost spooky territory. It was written by Bellisario and Nick Thiel from a story by Thiel and David Chomsky. It originally aired on 1 November, 1984.

Thomas, thanks to a date with a reporter, is now the face of a local telethon, though he’s only working security, and Higgins is furious, as he’s the one who is putting on the show and is now the estate is being swamped by less than desirable acts he feels were drawn there by Magnum, all wanting an audition.

The private investigator meets up with a woman, Laura Bennett (Samantha Eggar), who claims to be a psychic and wants to hire Magnum, to find her murderer.

Magnum is dubious at first until she mentions his little voice, and is even more convinced when she sees someone drowning in a vision, and Thomas and she arrive just in time to save a life.

As the two try to figure out what to start, a last thread from Thomas’ previous case keeps causing him problems, and as it unfurls more and more, Laura begins to suspect that it’s not she who will be murdered, but Thomas!

That’s all for this week! Until next time Aloha!





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