Magnum, p.i. (1984) – Dream a Little Dream and I Witness

And just like that we come to the end of season 4 and what a pair of episodes to end on…

First up is Dream a Little Dream, written by Reuben Leder. With an airdate of 29 March, 1984, this one was directed by T.C. himself, Roger E. Mosley. The result is a poignant episode about regret, second chances, and going home again…

Intercutting with Thomas’ (Tom Selleck) first case ever, he is hired by Karen Teal (Cindy Pickett) in both 1979, and the present (1984). Both times to serve as her protection while she competes in a surfing contest. She tells Thomas, in the present day, that she’s worried that her ex-husband is trying to kidnap their daughter, Sandy (Alexandra Diamond), in the past, it was an encounter with a local drug lord, Joe Soames (Robert Apisa) that was the source of the problem.

Throughout the flashbacks, we get some fun back story on all of the characters, though Higgins (John Hillerman) wasn’t on the scene yet. Thomas is advertising his services on a match boxes, he has an office (shoddy as it is) and is driving a beat-up VW Beetle. T.C. is working for a helicopter flying service, and hopes to one day own his own business (and is very anxious about flying Thomas around and jeopardizing his opportunity, and Rick (Larry Manetti) is playing up his Bogart persona in his manner of dress, his voice, and a ridiculous pencil thin moustache.

As always there is more going on than is imagined, and we see Thomas and Karen’s original relationship, and the chance at a rebirth…

A really great episode.


The season ends in a fun way with I Witness, which also sees the departure of a tertiary character, Keoki (Patrick Bishop). It was written by Chris Abbott and Leder, originally airing on 3 may, 1984.

Thomas is waking up in the middle of the night to watch a Tigers game from the mainland, only to learn that the King Kamehameha Club has been robbed. He heads down to check out his friends, Rick, T.C and Higgins were all there, and maybe help Lt. Tanaka (Kwan Hi Lim).

Thomas is sure he can get to the bottom of everything, and figure out who the guilty party is, if he can just talk to his friends. Unfortunately, despite some similarities, all three stories vary due to personal interpretation.

In Rick’s version, he’s a tough guy, with both TC, who is failing with his date, and Higgins behaving cowardly when confronted with the animal-masked robbers. When T.C. tells his version, his smooth, erudite, and doing very well with his date, while Rick is a rude and cranky, and Higgins can’t seen to find a story from his own history that correlates to current events. With Higgins, he’s a composed Englishman, who can easily vanquish the hoods, if only Rick and T.C. were able to help out.

Thomas wades through all of it, adding up inconsistencies, and then working his way through the similarities, able to piece together all the clues to lead them to the identity of one of the parties involved, which in turn leads them to the rest of the criminals…

All before Tanaka reveals the final score of the game Thomas so desperately wanted to watch, and he still doesn’t get the full story of what happened from his friends…

A great way to end the season! On to 5 next time, Aloha!






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