Magnum, p.i. (1984) – Holmes Is Where the Heart Is and On Face Value


This week’s check-in with Thomas (Tom Selleck) and the gang, finds both episodes showing the friendship that exists between Magnum and Higgins (John Hillerman).

Higgins carries the first episode, Holmes is Where the Heart Is, written by Judy Burns and Jay Huguely, with an original airdate of 8 March, 1984.

Higgins is transcribing a rather troubling sequence for his memoirs, while Thomas is trying to get into the study to get a lens he needs. The sequence deals with his friend, David Worth (Patrick Macnee).

Worth a former British agent, arrives in Hawaii to attend the funeral of a friend, that he believes was murdered. In fact he believes it so strongly that he seems to have had a break with reality, and now believes himself to be Sherlock Holmes, with Higgins as his Watson.

Higgins indulges this belief, as he believes that this is his friend’s way of dealing with their friend’s death, but when evidence does begin to pile up for murder, and both he and Worth are being followed, Higgins begins to realize his friend may be on to something.

And when Thomas finally gets into the study, and sees the state of his friend, he sits down, and lets Higgins share the rest of the tale with him. The people following he and Worth are MI6 agents, and have been sent to bring Worth back to the UK before he can reveal any secrets in his fractured state.

A nice episode that sees a nice interaction between Hillerman and Macnee, and also lets Hillerman have the A-story, while Selleck takes the fun little B-story.


On Face Value, written by Nick Thiel, which originally aired on 15 March, 1984, puts Thomas in a tough spot. While working on a case, for Carol (Kathleen Lloyd), while she takes care of his parking tickets (something she was already supposed to do and now its gone warrant), Thomas snaps a picture of something he shouldn’t have, and ends up in a huge car chase, which sees him injuring a young woman, Emily (Talia Balsam).

Thomas is shattered by the fact that the young woman may never walk again, and spends time watching over her in hospital, and forms an unlikely relationship with her. When it’s time for her release, Thomas, after confiding in Higgins, brings her back to the estate to help with her recovery.

As their friendship grows, both Thomas and Higgins are rather taken by the young woman, which makes Thomas all the more intent on solving the case for Carol. But things take on a troubling aspect when he keeps coming across the two thugs he was chasing, and that there may be going on here than he initially realized.

Thomas and Emily’s blossoming friendship is put to the test, and both of them may be hurt when the truth finally comes out…

Good episodes, and this puts us roughly halfway through the run of the entire series! Wow!

Until next time, Aloha!



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