Issues Vol. 15

Even as Sue and I dive into both Fan Expo and the ever-approaching TIFF, Kirk at West End Comics keeps me smiling with books and recommendations. And this week, there is some really good stuff.

So here’s what I’m reading after a day on the Expo floor…

providence4pvcProvidence (Avatar Comics) issue 4, written by Alan More with art by Jacen Burrows, colors by Juan Rodriguez, and letters by Kurt Hathaway.

As the research, and hunting continue, Robert Black, journalist and aspiring writer, is now in Pequoig and Athol, hunting down someone referred to as Warlock Wheatley. Who, according to the town librarian is of declining stock, read as inbred…

In ends up being much worse than that, and there are things seen and unseen by Black on the Wheatley’s farm, that are troubling, as the mythology springing up around this tale continues to expand, interweave and haunt.

It’s definitely an interesting ride, and a comic that needs to be paid attention to, and not read leisurely.

Plutona001coverPlutona (Image) issue 1, story by Emi Lenox and Jeff Lemire, art by Emi Lenox, colors by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Steve Wands.

This one is going to be pretty good, and undeniably unique. Plutona is a super-heroine, who works in Metro City, in a world where superheros are a reality. She’s also a waitress and a single mom.

The main story, however, follows, Mie, a young high schooler, and a gang of misfit friends that form around her. They are trying to be cool, make friends, and just get by, until Mie’s younger brother, Mike, leads them to a shocking discovery in the woods in the suburbs of Metro City…

This one I really liked, and will be one I see myself recommending on a regular basis. Pick it up!

toil1Toil and Trouble (Boom!) issue 1, written by Mairghread Scott, art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews, and letters by Warren Montgomery.

The art in this book is simply beautiful! The witch, Smertae, returns to Scotland, to rejoin her sisters, Cait and Riata in this tale of magic and family that provides a unique spin on the classic tale of Macbeth.

These three fates, are the real power in Scotland, safeguarding the land, guiding it and the line of kings who rule according to the old religions. When an argument between the witches occurs, about who should sit the throne, and who should die in the coming battle, Smertae makes a decision that will resonate…

Love how this one is put together! It’s a 6 issue mini-series and already, I am entranced by it…

DC_Bombshells_2_5575d95d36ac86.74035338Bombshells (DC Comics) issue 2, written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Laura Braga, Stephen Mooney and Ted Naifeh, colors by Wendy Broome, and letters by Wes Abbott.

The 1940s DC universe expands a little more this month, as Diana assumes the role we know she is destined for, as she, Steve Trevor, and her friend Mera plan to enter the world outside of Themyscira, and confront the evil that confronts it.

We see Kara in the Soviet Union, revealing her arrival on Earth, and the Soviet’s plan to use her and her sister…

And we jump over to Germany where we meet the frightening, Joker’s Daughter, who hints about a Master at work behind the scenes, and we meet Zatanna and John Constantine….

I love the look, the design of the characters, and the twists we’re getting on familiar characters…

It has a wonderful 40s art deco feel while embracing modern storytelling.

And finally…

WeStandOnGuard_03-1We Stand On Guard (Image) issue 3, written by Brian K. Vaughan, art by Steve Skroce, colors by Matt Hollingsworth and letters by Fonografiks.

The subtle in-jokes continue,there’s a Star Trek one right off the bat, a jab about the metric system and a mention of the radio-free CBC.

The States are annexing as much of Canada as they can, stealing our water, and eliminating anyone they see as a threat. In the year 2124, the two-four receive news that their leader McFadden was seized in the skirmish last issue.

And Vic McFadden is in some serious trouble, being tortured by American forces to reveal the location of the rest of the Two-Four. And when it’s possible she breaks, and reveals the location, a mass of U.S. craft had for the target.

This continues to be a fantastic comic, funny, brutal, and yeah, there is some legitimate commentary on our relations with our friends to the south, and practices and beliefs on both sides.


So swing by West End Comics, check out all the cool new product and titles, and go home with something AWESOME!






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