Issues Vol. 14

A bit of a quiet week for my pull-list at West End Comics, but Kirk keeps me informed of what’s coming my way, and there is plenty of good stuff on the horizon… like the new Star Wars title, Shattered Empire!! (SO CLOSE NOW!!) but until then, here’s what I was reading this week…

4529614-hank_johnson_agent_of_hydra_conner_coverHank Johnson, Agent of Hydra (Marvel) issue 1, written by David Mandel, art by Michael Walsh, colors by Matthew Wilson and letters by Clayton Cowles. So what’s it like being a foot soldier for Hydra? Check out Hank Johnson’s life, regularly beaten by Nick Fury, he’s trying to keep his job, pay his bills, debates whether or not to get a nanny for his kids so both he and his wife can work, and gets sexually harassed at work.

This one was a lot of fun, and had plenty of laughs, as Hank simply tries to get through the days, hoping to get a promotion and a raise, maybe to a department that won’t see him injured quite so often.

He’s also the coach of the local little league team, and just wants to go to a basketball game with his friend… unless Fury ruins that too…


lando3Star Wars: Lando (Marvel) issue 3, written by Charles Soule, art by Alec Maleev colors by Paul Mounts and letters by Joe Caramagna.

Oh Lando… So not only has he stolen Palpatine’s personal yacht, he’s now come across something that may make him incredibly rich… That is if the rec Imperial guards that are on the ship can be stopped, if Lobot can be healed of his wounds…

… and a bounty hunter setting out to recover the yacht can be stopped or avoided.

It’s very cool to see Lando’s adventures, and they are long overdue. I like the way this series has been written so far, the art is great, and it gives us a look at the Star Wars universe in a different way… But boy, that Lando sure can get himself into trouble.

boom_big_trouble_in_little_china_001_aBig Trouble in Little China (Boom comics) issues 1 to 15 by Carpenter and company… I’ve been saving up for a time to read through the series so far, and as much as I have loved so many of the other titles Kirk has sent my way, this is probably the most fun I’ve had reading a comic book.

It picks up right after the events of the film, one of my favorite Carpenter movies of all time, and sees Lo Pan returning from the dead to confront Jack Burton, Egg, Wang and Miao.

There are adventures on the Midnight Road, several different hells, and then there’s a leap forward, as time doesn’t work in hell like it does on the mortal plain.

Jack by issue 12ish, finds himself waking from a coma, his soul returned to it’s preserved body in the year 2015. Someone has stolen the Pork Chop Express and is now after Jack.

Carpenter oversaw the first year, re-establishing the world of the beloved cult hit, and now, Jack is in all new territory… and it looks Big Trouble…

More next week! Make sure you swing by and say hi to Kirk at West End Comics, the man knows his books!




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