The Greatest American Hero (1982/1983) – The Resurrection of Carlini and The Newlywed Game


We’re flying through the final season of The Greatest American Hero, and there are some good eps, and some bad eps, this week, I though both of them were pretty solid.

First up is The Resurrection of Carlini, which was written by Frank Lupo, and originally aired 19 November, 1982. There’s magic in the air, as Ralph (William Katt) is working on the Faculty Entertainment event, but Bill (Robert Culp) draws his attention to a group of magicians, including Andrew Robinson, who are being drawn together for the reading of fellow magician, Carlini’s, will. Carlini was a great stage magician, who promised he would return one year after his death.

Bill gets pulled into the reading because he has been invited to it, so he drags Pam (Connie Sellecca) and Ralph along with him. And it’s a good thing he does, because it seems that someone is out to kill all of them, and it’s only because Ralph has the jammies on that they are able to escape. But whenever our hero tries to holo in on the killer, he has terrible visions of abuse, and a very creepy looking doll.

While Bill digs into the mystery of who can be trying to kill off these magicians, and Ralph practices his prestidigitation, suspicion begins to fall on Carlini’s old apprentice, Blanchard (Timothy Carey), but to flush out the real killer, Ralph will have to go onstage and perform one of Carlini’s death-defying acts – chained inside a glass tank!

This one ends up being a lot of fun, and it was a delight to see Bill having to don a costume for the party, one that Pam picked out for him, while she rocks a very sexy witch’s outfit.


The Newlywed Game is next up! This one was written by Babs Greyhosky and had an original airdate of 6 January, 1983.

It’s finally here, after 2 seasons Ralph and Pam are finally tying the knot, if the suit would stop getting in the way. Things are off to a weird start when Ralph and Bill plan an investigation, and find themselves taking on a rigged machine gun, and a remote-controlled truck… someone is watching them, and all evidence points to it being someone in the government!

June Lockhart returns as Pam’s mother to cause problems in figuring out what should happen at the wedding ceremony, and just meddling in general. While all that is going on, Bill and Ralph are grabbed by supposed government agents, posing as Marines, while they are on their way to Ralph’s stag party, which sees the first appearance, in a long time of Tony (Michael Pare), Cyler (Jesse D. Goins) and Paco (Don Cervantes) – no sign of Faye Grant however.

Ralph and Bill find themselves on a secret base, overseen by former Secretary of State Matthew Powell (Hansford Rowe), and arrange for Pam, who is suffering a hangover from her own party to arrange to deliver them a suit, as the government has a job for Ralph.

It isn’t until Bill starts puling at some threads around the edge of the case, that he realizes there is something else going on here… And that the Russians are involved!

With the wedding only minutes away, all three of our heroes find themselves on the wrong end of a sniper’s scope!

No matter what happens next, Ralph, Pam and Bill will remember this wedding!



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