The Mind Reels at TIFF 40

Sue and I were lucky enough to be invited to the TIFF press conference for this year’s look at the Canadian films being showcased in the festival’s 40th year! It looks to be an amazing season, and we got to meet and chat with some amazing people, as well as catch up with some friends, in our typical goofy, and informal way.

We had a talk with Jason Anderson, the co-programmer for the shorts, or Short Cuts programme.

We then got to chat with director Andrew Cividino, who is debuting his first feature film at TIFF this year, Sleeping Giant, which is based on his short, which also screened at TIFF. You can learn more about his film here.

Our fun, and decidedly goofy interview with him is below…

From there we got to meet and chat with director Jamie M. Dagg about his film, River, which sounds very intense, and stars Rossif Sutherland. Check it out here.

We continued to shoot on video, but also started making audio recordings as well in case the noise grew too loud to hear our discussions…

We then got a precious few minutes to chat with the fantastic Paul Gross, who is having the world premiere of his latest directorial effort, Hyena Road, this year… Learn more about it here.

After chatting with someone like Paul Gross (I mean it’s PAUL GROSS!) it’s nice to see a familiar face, so we were delighted to chat with our friend Chloe Rose about her starring role in Bruce McDonald’s new film, Hellions. Check it out here.

From there, we checked in with two of the stars from Igor Drljaca’s The Waiting Room, the father and son team, Jasmin Geljo, and Filip Geljo. Check out their film here.

From there we got to talk to the creative minds behind the forthcoming documentary, Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr, director Patrick Reed and Toronto Star journalist Michelle Shephard. Learn more about this documentary here.

We then got to chat with director Mina Shum about her documentary Ninth Floor, which reexamines the infamous Sir George Williams Riot.

We then checked in with two of the Rising Stars of this year’s TIFF, Karelle Tremblay and Aliocha Schneider…

Then we got a few moments to chat with the director and star of The Rainbow Kid, Kire Paputts and Dylan Harman. This one got cut a little short as the TIFF Class Photo was being taken… This one looks great, learn more about it here.

And finally we got to chat with some of the cast of the forthcoming Fire Song, check it out here. We unfortunately lost the video segment, but still have the audio portion…

All in all it looks like it’s going to be yet another amazing success for TIFF this year, and the Canadian content looks amazing!

What are you planning on seeing? Check out everything TIFF has on offer this year here.




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