The Greatest American Hero (1982) – The Price is Right and This is the One the Suit was Meant For


Ralph (William Katt) finds himself in all manner of trouble in this week’s installment.

First up we have, The Price is Right, which was penned by Cannell and aired on 5 November 1982… High school reunions are a funny thing, you want to impress your former classmates by your perceived success in life, and you want to reconnect with your past. Well, Ralph really can`t be bothered with either of those things, but thanks to Bill`s (Robert Culp) meddling, it looks like he`s off to his class reunion after wall with Pam (Connie Sellecca) and Bill in tow.

Bill is starstruck by one of Ralph`s old schoolmates, Price Cobb (Stephen Shortridge) who now plays pro football. He`s completely in awe of him, but when our trio learns that Price`s wife has been kidnapped, and being held until Cobb loses the big game, Bill switches right back into gear, and goes after the facts and the baddies, with Ralph leading the way.

Things get tense as Cobb is forced to start throwing the game and even sustains an injury, while our heroes try to find his wife. When she`s rescued, Cobb still can`t go out and win the game, so Ralph dons the uniform, and gets out there to help win the day, allowing him a moment to show off on the football field, and completely shock the team`s coach, played by football star Dick Butkus.

A fun episode, that let`s Ralph play up our fantasies of being the hero and loved name at our own class reunions…


In This is the One the Suit was Meant For, Pam and Ralph are having a very bumpy go of it. The episode was written by Babs Greyhosky, and aired on 12 November, 1982. When saving the day gets in the way of his spending time with Pam, the two begin to rethink their relationship, but agree to go away for a week together, and much to their delight, Bill gives them a couple of tickets to an island getaway.

They love the idea, no Bill, no suit, just them.

So away they go! And while they are away, enjoying themselves, Bill arrives, with the suit in hand. All part of a scenario he`s working.

That ends up being the last straw for Pam, and she promptly breaks up with Ralph. But things get even more dire for our hero when Bill finds himself in all manner of trouble (again) and Ralph and Pam need to work together, despite their hurt feelings to save their friend, the day, and the world from a terrible villainous plan.

When they both realize that they were on the verge of losing one another once and for all, bridges are mended, things are promised, emotional reunions all around, and a proposal is finally made (despite that Pam has been referred to as his fiancé a couple of times), and perhaps that means they`ll finally set a date.

Hopefully I`ll find our before the end of the season… Only 11 episodes left!








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