The Expanse #5: Nemesis Game (2015) – James S.A. Corey


It’s been a look time since last year’s adventure with the crew of the Roci. This waiting until June just seems to take too long. But its books like these that makes it worth it.

I dove right back into the world that the authors created. I have missed these characters, and we get lots of time with each of them, James Holden, Alex Kamal, Namoni Nagata, and Amos Burton.

The Roci has arrived back in the solar system from the adventures in the previous book, but is in serious needs of repair, 6 months worth by some estimates, so for the first time since we’ve met them, our heroes intentionally go their separate ways while their beloved ship is under repair.

But that certainly isn’t going to slow the universe down, as it seems that the only way things happen in this universe is fast and faster (not to mention occasionally dark and darker).

Amos goes down the well to Earth to pay final respects to an old friend and meet up with another familiar face, a ghost from Naomi’s past returns and draws her into a confrontation of her own soul, Amos returns to Mars to visit his ex-wife, and ex-Marine Bobbie Draper, and Holden and Fred Johnson beginning exploring a mystery of missing ships…

But there’s so much more going on here, some ships are passing through the rings and simply vanishing, never emerging from the other side of the gate, others have been recommissioned by a splinter faction of the Outer Planets Alliance.


The OPA commits an outrageous act of genocide, and the entire solar system is plunged into violence and civil war, the protomolecule is involved, and our friends are scattered about the system, each in their own dire trouble, each wanting nothing more than to get back to the perceived safety and comfort of their ship and family.

It started out so quiet, and a nice opportunity to relax and enjoy these characters after all of the things that happened in the previous books, but when the Incident occurs… it was nothing less than shocking, and you are left wondering not only if our characters will be reunited, but whether or not they will be completely unscathed when they do, because none of them will be the same after the events in this tale.

These books are big, filled with space-opera, are a joy to read, and fly by way too quick! They continue to be one of the series that I recommend to everyone I meet when they ask about a good book to read.

For fans of the series, we don’t only get to spend time with our big four, learning more about them, but we check in on a lot of familiar faces through the course of the book.

I love this series so much, and hoping, desperately, that the upcoming series from Syfy is faithful to the source material, because if so, it could be so amazing.

But now, the long wait for next June begins…



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