Fringe Toronto: Meet Cute


Taking up residence at the fantastic space of the Annex Theatre, Erin Norah Thompson, wrote and stars, alongside Jesse Bond, in this wonderful, funny, and romantic look at one moment, two lives, three versions.

A meet cute is a plot device most often employed in rom-come to introduce the romantic leads in a cute (why doesn’t that happen to me?) way, often taking a seemingly everyday place and filling it with a romantic potential. In this case, Jane (Thompson) and John (Bond) find themselves arriving at a bus stop having just missed their ride, and the wait for the next bus begins. And what happens while they wait, is a brilliantly crafted scene, executed three times, under the hands of three different directors, as we have Boy-Meets-Girl, Girl-Meets-Boy and They Meet.

The dialogue is almost verbatim from scene to scene, establishing a rhythm, a pattern, and of course a sense of expectation in how the audience believes a piece of dialogue is going to play out. And each time through, it’s a revelation. It’s all in the beats, the delivery, the movements, and the moments, that help create a real sense of romantic magic, for our characters, as they stumble from one version of the encounter to another, and hopefully find their way to a happy ending… (no spoilers).

As John might say, it’s all in the fonts.

Short, sweet, and just about the most perfect little rom-com scene I’ve ever seen presented, this one played to a sold out audience, and Thompson and Bond had us in the palm of their hands. We want to see them get together, overcome the obstacles introduced in previous incarnations, because if they can have a happy ending, why can’t you?

This one was just a joy, and if you don’t believe me, check it out today, or Tuesday the 7th, Thursday the 9th, Friday the 10th of Saturday the 11th.

Fringe this year, has been amazing, and I can’t wait for my next show tonight!



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