Killjoys S01E02 – The Sugar Point Run


Killjoys returns to your screens tonight with episode 2 on Space tonight.

We get a little bit more in world-building, get a brief look at the larger arc of the season, and learn more about some of the cultures and worlds at work in the Quad. The Company turns to the neutral party of the RAC to mediate a hostage exchange, and John (Aaron Ashmore), Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and D’Avin (Luke MacFarlane) draw the warrant.

Off they head to the planet of Westerley, specifically, an area known as Sugar Point, that has been bombed out of existence and now belongs to gangs, scavengers and warlords. One of the warlords, R’yo (Irene Poole) wants her brother returned to her, and is holding a high-profile politician’s daughter, Vena (Clara Pasieka) hostage until he’s delivered.

D’Avin is along to help, and almost has no little choice on the matter, he’s not allowed to step off the ship in most areas of the Quad without proper paperwork. So for now, he funds himself helping out.

Picking up their cargo, Simon (Michael Therriault), they head off to Sugar Point, but the man seems ill, and before they can land at their destination, Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough) gets shot down…

Johnny stays with Lucy to repair her, while Ducth and D’Avin chase down Simon who escaped when the ship was brought down.


The series continues its early established style of rapid-fire storytelling, while still expounding on the characters and universe (we learn about such things as body harvesters, and smugglers’ nut).

We learn through the course of the episode that D’Avin is in the Quad searching for a doctor… There is memory missing from Lucy, accounting for a total of 10 minutes, which piques John’s interest… Dutch receives a red box, which ties into her past, and is an assignment for her… And they find a way to tie D’Avin into the crew for a while longer…

So far, I’m enjoying what I see a lot! Each character gets plenty of time, and we learn more about each of them, as well as seeing the way their relationships continue to develop, and how D’Avin’s continued presence may cause some strife between he and John.

I love the look we’re getting into Dutch’s past. The action beats continue to be first-class, and well-executed, watching Dutch and D’Avin kick ass is pretty sweet, and watching John outsmart some baddies is just as cool!

The look of the show continues to grow, Lucy is by far the slickest looking ship on television at this time, and the worlds we’re being introduced to, and those who inhabit it continue to pique my interest.

I’m definitely settling in for the season haul on this series, let’s see where it goes!

Killjoys episode 2 airs tonight on Space!



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