Magnum, p.i. (1983) – I Do? and Forty Years From Sand Island


Thomas (Tom Selleck) goes undercover in a big way in I Do? which aired 17 February 1983, and was written by Rob Gilmer.

Magnum pretends to marry Marsha Mackenzie (Katherine Cannon), to be able to investigate a family owned business. It seems someone in the company is stealing product and fencing it. Marsha and her uncle, the company’s CEO, Harry (Dick O’Neill) suspect her brother Andrew (Nicolas Coster).

Higgins (John Hillerman) is less than impressed with the ceremony and the reception, but both Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) seem to be in on the secret, as Thomas brings them in to help out, posing as buyers for the stolen product.

However, things aren’t going so well with the cover, because, Marsha has spent her life looking after the men of her family and the company, and tends to have a generally low opinion of them, and the fact that Magnum doesn’t seem to care about her, or her opinions.

However, there may be more going on, and perhaps Andrew isn’t the real culprit, and Thomas and the boys may be walking right into a trap! But being such a great private investigator, maybe Magnum has a plan, perhaps a sting within a sting?

This was a fun episode, and some of the bickering and bantering between Marsha and Thomas was a lot of fun. And, I got a big grin about the reference of his writing his book on private investigating, as well as having milk and fig newtons.


Forty Years From Sand Island is up next. This episode originally aired on 24 February 1983 and was written by Gilmer, Rogers Turrentine, and Reuben Leder.

The episode opens in January of 1942, as Japanese-Americans are being interned on Sand Island for the duration of the second world war. While there, a pair of internees witness a civilian guard beat a fellow Japanese to death,

Forty years later, someone digging into the past, just out of curiosity, brings everything back to the surface. And the person digging, is Higgins. But someone isn’t going to let him bring it all up again, and an attempt on his life, disrupting the brake line on the Ferrari, which he is using instead of Magnum, ends with him totaling the car, and in the hospital.

Thomas digs into the case, worried about his friend, and starts looking into this less that shining part of American history. Tracking down a lead through Nancy Nakamura (Marilyn Tokuda), the victim’s granddaughter, Thomas finds his way to Goto (Keye Luke).

Goto was one of the men who witnessed the beating, and through him, Thomas learns the name of the man who did it, Sorenson, Hank Sorenson (David Palmer). When he gets physical confirmation from Goto, that Sorenson is the man, Sorenson is shot in broad daylight.

James Shigeta makes an appearance as Enoka, a high-profile politician in the middle of an election, who was the other witness to the event, and is trying to forget the past ever existed… But how far will he go to do it?



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