Orphan Black S03E01 – The Weight of this Combination


Get ready Clone Club, Sarah, Helena, Cosima, Rachel and Alison (all Tatiana Maslany) are back tonight on Space! And just like last season, neither writers nor actors are willing to rest on their much-deserved laurels. Graeme Manson starts the season off by plunging us into an all new nightmare, and I didn’t realize until I started watching the episode, that every time I watch a new episode of Orphan Black, I get a ball of nervous tension and excitement building in my stomach as I worry and wonder about what is going to happen to my favorite clones!

The threat emerges right away as our it seems our Project Leda girls are being hunted down by the Project Castor boys (Ari Millen), in some cases, seemingly just for fun, and we get a look at yet another Leda clone. It’s very clear that the Castors are heading towards a huge confrontation with Sarah and her sisters from the word go! And our gals quickly realize that one of their number is missing, and it seems, while she’s being held… poor Helena is closer to true insanity that we may have thought before (I love the season’s opening sequence!).

During the course of the season opener, we have time to check in with all the major players; Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) is settling in nicely in the big chair at Dyad, Donnie (Kristian Bruun) and Alison have some great moments, which sees the introduction of a new character played by our friend Amanda Brugel!


And despite the tension that seems to get ratcheted up constantly, there are some amazing and wonderful character beats (clones pretending to be other clones, and just little physical moments) that let the humour and humanity of these people we’ve grown to love shine through the anxiety and excitement that seems to be a fantastic part and parcel of the Orphan Black experience.

Topside, the mysterious company that was introduced in the latter half of season 2 is sending someone to check in on things at Dyad, and a reference to a Project Leda incident in Helsinki in 2006 begins to make the rounds in the episode…

Without giving much in the way of spoilers this show grabs the viewer once again, and we marvel at Maslany’s continued excellent performances, now augmented by the introduction of the Castor series of clones played by Millen. And let’s be clear, no matter what happens this season, from Alison’s new career choice to Cosima’s recovery to dealing with Topside, the Castors represent an immediate, dangerously vicious and cold-hearted threat to our heroes, and I hesitate to wonder what the cost of the coming conflagration will cost them.

Orphan Black returns at 9 tonight on Space, and no doubt exploding the Twitter-verse as it does!




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