Airwolf (1986) – Day of Jeopardy and Desperate Monday


Airwolf flies into action again in these two episodes!

First up is Day of Jeopardy which aired 25 January, 1986 and was written by Everett Chambers and Rick Kelbaugh. It also boasts guest stars Anne Lockhart and G. Gordon Liddy.

Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) is less than pleased when the identity of a witness he’s been asked by Archangel (Alex Cord) to relocate is revealed to be an old flame, Tess Dixon (Lockhart). It seems Tess has been married to a less than nice guy, Cullen Dixon (Clu Gulager), and he and his cohorts, amongst them the nefarious Barkley Kase (Liddy). She’s going to testify against Dixon, but needs to be kept safe until she can, as Dixon, despite wanting her back, knows she’s too much of a threat and needs to be killed.

She knows too much. She knows the names of international figures and politicians slated for assassination by Cullen and his associates, and they are going to stop her. So most of the episode is one long protracted chase sequence (with some nice aerial photography as Airwolf hugs the ground as she flies across the landscape).  But Kase has a connection inside the Firm, citing Operation: Blue Star, and as our heroes elude and evade one attack after another, Kase puts his last plan into action.

The climax comes with an aerial battle, a ground chase featuring Hawke on a dirt bike (again), and a final confrontation in a court room. And Hawke processes his anger and grief over losing Tess so long ago.


Desperate Monday aired 8 February, 1986, and was written by Robert Janes, Rick Kelbaugh and J.L. D’Angeles. The best part about this episode is that the baddie is played by a very familiar face, Bryan Cranston plays Robert, and he’s causing all sorts of problems in this episode.

Caitlin (Jean Bruce Scott) is attending a sorority reunion aboard the docked Queen Mary. She catches up with a lot of long-lost friends, including wealthy socialite, Barbara Scarelli (Elyssa Davalos). As all the ladies are catching up, Robert arrives to kidnap and ransom Barbara (it seems the two of them have a bit of a past), but things go sideways, and he and his fellows have to hold the entire luncheon hostage, and prepare to negotiate with the police, and the Firm.

While Cait works to keep things calm and under control on the ship, Hawke and Dom (Ernest Borgnine) refuse to wait on taking action, and do a quick recon for Archangel.

Things begin to come apart, but Robert organizes a helicopter for he and 4 hostages, Barbara and Cait amongst them, to the airport, where they will take the Scarelli jet to an undisclosed location. Dom follows in Airwolf while Hawke flies the hostage chopper, but when one of the ladies freaks out from a fear of flying we race to a showdown in airport warehouses that may end up in tragedy for everyone involved!





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