Airwolf (1986) – Wildfire and Discovery


String (Jan-Michael Vincent), Dom (Ernest Borgnine) and Caitlin (Jean Bruce Scott) take on more dangers this week!

First up is Wildfire penned by David Westheimer, which aired 11 January, 1986. This is a kind of just say no to drugs story that seemed prevalent in the 1980s, heck, even Star Trek: The Next Generation did one.

Lance Le Gault guest stars (again!) as Noble Flowers the foreman on a rig, that young Cecil Jr. (Ken Olandt) works at. Dom is in the neighborhood as he decides that he, String and Cait should visit an old friend of his Cec (Ken Curtis). The intention of the trip is to connect father and son together again, as things have changed between them in the past few years, but neither Cec, nor Junior can really be bothered. They both never got over the death of their wife, and mother, both of them carry some guilt over it, but Junior has more problems than that.

It seems Alvin (Tracey Walter) is Flowers connection, and they are using Junior to ferry drugs. They started off with marijuana, but are graduating to harder stuff. When Dom and Junior tell the drug dealers to take a hike, and that the young man is getting out of the business once and for all, things go sideways, and the villains are either going to get Junior to work with them, or kill him and all his friends… They didn’t count on Airwolf showing up though.

Son and father reconnect and they are able to leave the drug world behind once and for all…


There is even more sinister action in Discovery, from 18 January, 1986. This was written by Stephen A. Miller and Del Reisman. When a woman, Grace (Anne Bloom), the only witness to a murder in the desert and stumbles into the lair, String and Dom rescue her, and take her to a FIRM run hospital. There they learn she’s not exactly telling the truth about everything, and decide to tail her. When they do, she picks up another tale, and this one is interested in her followers, especially when he spots String; John Bradford Horn (John Vernon) is back.

He arranges to meet with Grace, despite the fact that he’s the one who arranged the murder in the first place. Once String and the gang rumble the fact that Horn is involved, both sides use the poor woman in an elaborate game of chess that sees Airwolf as the prize. They allow Horn to seize Airwolf, and he’s on the midst of transporting it away, and use it for his own nefarious ends, but it seems Hawke has a plan.

And despite chasing down Horn’s Huey with the recovered supercopter, he escapes again, and continues to plan for his next assault on String, with his ultimate goal of grabbing Airwolf. Will it happen before the series ends? Probably not, I mean we’ve only got about 8 to go!!

More next week!








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