Nocturne (2014) – Saul Pincus


It’s the last evening for the Canadian Film Fest, and the first evening show at the Royal Cinema on College St is well worth seeing. The main feature, Nocturne, is preceded by Gaybasher, directed by Ron Leach, a rather dark and violent short about a beating in an alley, a fight against bigotry, and an avenging angel.

Then, settle in for a treat. Nocturne, directed by Saul Pincus, who co-wrote it with Mitch Magonet, stars our very dear friend Mary Krohnert. I’ve professed my adoration and love of her work before this, but this film lets her shine as never before, as she turns in an openly honest, enjoyable and heart-felt performance as Cindy, an insomniac, former author, and artist.

Cindy lives in her own world, she’s a little socially awkward and quiet, but finds one of her co-workers Armen (Knickoy Robinson)intriguing, but is unable to approach him. As she studies him, she learns he’s actually a sleepwalker, and so begins an unusual relationship, of fairy tale proportions, replete with wicked relations, death and villains.

Pincus has framed some beautiful shots and imagery, and captured a beautiful performance from Krohnert.

And when things take a turn towards the final act, you can’t help but route for this seemingly mismatched duo.

It’s hard to be completely objective about this film as Mary is someone very special to our blog/show, but I heartily recommend getting out to the Film Fest to see this one. It’s quiet, contemplative (until the final act that is), and there are some beautiful moments.

Get your tickets here.







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