Canadian Film Fest: Homegrown Shorts


The final day of the Canadian Film Fest gets underway today at the Royal Cinema on College Street with a diverse and entertaining collection of shorts, beginning at 1:30 this afternoon. This collection of 9 shorts showcases a wonderful wealth of Canadian talent making some incredible films. You should check it out!

Here’s what you can expect:

When Fish Fly, is written and directed by Lisa Rose Snow and is a beautifully poignant and lovely tale about love, loss and letting go, as a young girl learns to grieve for a lost ones.

Our friend Ann Pirvu stars in the next short, Astraea, which was written and directed by Rouzbeh Heydari. Ann plays as a mother, who after a car accident, makes sure her baby gets out.

Some Things Won’t Sleep, written and directed by Leah Johnston is a gothic tale, with shades of Poe, about a woman who is haunted by something terrible she’s done.

Night/Life, written and directed by Erica Genereux Smith follows a young woman who wiles away her nights with chats and hookups, but can’t seem to get her real life on the go.

Finalitas, written and directed by Sebastien Rioux tells the tale of a young woman, who leaves a relationship to embark on a new one, and discovers her independence.


Sic., written and directed by Joshua Hinkson ends up being a rather dark tale by the time it’s done about two best friends who confront an incident in their past, that may end up tearing them apart.

The Time Traveller, directed by RT! which he co-wrote with his star Huse Madhavji tells the tell of a man who creates a new life for himself, after an incredibly traumatic experience but a face from his past may force him to confront all he’s forgotten, and push him to no limits to keep what he haves. Huse gives a searing performance in this.

The Day Santa Didn’t Come, directed by Ryan Keller may be my favorite of the bunch. Young Curtis is trying his very best to be good before Xmas but his older brother and father keep causing problems that may put him on the bad list, and leave him with no presents. However, with his Canuck-Man action figure and loyal dog Rex at his side, Curtis may have time to prove to Santa he’s alright. Watch for our friend Tara Spencer-Nairn as Curtis’ mom.

Rounding out the collection of shorts, is this wonderful dark comedy about owning who you are, Lunchbox Loser, directed by Virginia Abramovich.  Natasha is in grade 5, and wants to do standup comedy. Something she practices alone in the washroom, but when she’s discovered she needs to join the rest of the lunchroom and take on a heckler.

You can check them out this afternoon and you can buy your tickets here!




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