In Your Eyes (2015) – Brin Hill


I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic and a sap, and, honestly, I ate this one up. It made me laugh, get a little weepy and made me smile. It works. And I probably wouldn’t have even given it a look if it hadn’t been written by Joss Whedon. Apparently it was one of the first scripts he penned when he moved to L.A. and yes, he’s become an amazing storyteller in his time there, but it’s obvious he was gifted from the start.

Available from Anchor Bay today, Brin Hill directs this wonderful film, that will be rewatched again very soon. Becky Porter (Zoe Kazan) and Dylan Kerhsaw (Michael Stahl-David) give us a beautiful new love story that is funny, intimate and defines a feel-good movie.

Since they were children both Becky and Dylan have felt that there is someone else there, at the back of their mind. They would sometimes see and feel things that others couldn’t. It isn’t until they reach their adult lives that they learn they are seeing things through someone else’s eyes, can share their senses, and talk to one another, across a vast distance; Becky is in New Hampshire, Dylan is in New Mexico.

The differences in locations also gives a color tone to the film, Dylan’s is bright and warm, he’s vibrant and alive, good-hearted, but made some bad choices. Becky’s is cooler, a little more straight-laced, but that is more due to her surroundings, and the relationships she is in. She’s quiet, introspective, and seems very lonely.


But when Dylan almost has an accident, and Becky warns him about it…So begins a fun dialogue, a unique relationship, and a highly enjoyable film. It’s beautifully put together, with Hill making great use of beats and locations, and there is a wonderful on-screen chemistry between Kazan and Stahl-David despite the fact that neither of them actually share a lot of screen time together.

I was completely charmed by this one, and honestly can’t recommend it highly enough, whether you’re a Whedon fan or just want a gorgeous, heart-on-its-sleeve love story. Whedon’s trademark dialogue is prevalent and each of the characters is grounded in a reality, making the extraordinary so much more believable, and you buy into it. You want it to be true, because if it’s true for them, then it can be true for you.

I loved this film a lot, and have talked about little else since I saw it, recommending it to everyone, letting them know it comes out today, and please go out and find it. This is a prefect Valentine’s movie, and I can think of no better start to a romantic evening than curling up under a blanket with a loved one, and sharing this experience with them.

In Your Eyes is available today from Anchor Bay.



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