The Pinkertons S01E01- Kansas City


If you’ve missed the US broadcasts, starting this evening in the Great White North on local CHCH channels, from co-creators Kevin Abrams and Adam Moore, is this western series that follows the cases of the legendary Pinkertons, the original detective agency.

Leading the charge is the always delightful Martha MacIsaac as Kate Warne, a smart, capable young woman, and perhaps the first female private investigator of her time, and consequently having to do things better, and smarter than her male counterparts; in this case the father-son combination of Allan (Angus Macfadyen) and William Pinkerton (Jacob Blair).

In the premiere, the group is thrown together, to try to stop a series of train robberies, which actually has a more sinister agenda; it seems ex-Confederate soldiers are behind the incidents, and are concocting a plan that may endanger the newly stabilized country.

The show, at least in its premiere, is a fun, banter-filled, disguise-wearing, six-shooter-wielding romp suitable for the entire family. In fact, it almost put me in mind of Toronto’s Murdoch Mysteries, and when the series finds its footing, I imagine it may garner a similar audience.

MacIsaac is eminently likable, and honestly, downright adorable as Mrs. Warne, she’s clever, pretty, and can hold her own against the baddies, while also keeping show-off William in check.


I’ve been a fan of Macfadyen since he first popped onto my radar with Braveheart, and I think he will set just the right tone for the series, alongside his co-stars.

Once it carves out its niche, it will be fun to see the type of stories the writers choose to tell with these characters, as once the world is established, it could end up being a lot of fun. Think the original Wild Wild West show, combined with Murdoch, and you can see where my brain is thinking this one may end up. But happily, there is also a large history and case files that the series can no doubt draw from, as The Pinkertons.

Pilots as a general rule, when it comes to reviewing, are given a bit of leniency, because they have to introduce all the characters, the set-up, and a story that illustrates the type of world we’re being invited to view. That being said, the production is top-notch, the costume and set design are great, and our three leads fill their roles nicely, and they seem to have a great chemistry together. Filmed on location in Manitoba, the lovely province serves as a perfect wild west backdrop.

I’ll be eager to see where the season goes, I’m hoping, that much like most television today, there is a serialized aspect to the show with a season long arc or mystery… guess I’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Have you seen this series yet? If not tune in tonight, on your local CHCH broadcast and have a look!




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