Airwolf (1984) – Moffett’s Ghost and The Truth About Holly


String (Jan-Michael Vincent) and Dom (Ernest Borgnine) fly into more trouble this week!

First up is Moffett’s Ghost, which aired 6 October, 1984, and was written by T.S. Cook. Briggs (Alex McCord) shows up for the first time of the season, and alongside him is Deborah Pratt’s Marella.

Things get a little odd for Airwolf, as they fly a spy into Russia. It seems that the helicopter’s creator, and the villain from the pilot episode, Charles Moffett (David Hemmings), has created a logic bomb that will cause a number of problems for our heroes once it activates.

The virus starts to work its way through the super-copter’s system, automatically assuming control of the chopper, and firing on drones… Both String and Dom realize that this could only be the first step towards a more dangerous Airwolf and turn to Moffett’s assistant, Karen Hansen (Robin Riker) to help them out.

When they find out she’s still working for The Firm, both Dom and Hawke are worried that Hansen may find a way to turn over the chopper, but first they’ll have to rescue the spy from Russia, elude fighters intent on shooting Airwolf down, and find a way to purge the helicopter’s computer of Moffett’s logic bomb.

I liked seeing Briggs and Marella, and glad the series didn’t rush right back to them, giving us a few eps to get used to our heroes again before introducing The Firm again. I like the fact that there really does seem to be an uneasy truce between Hawke and them.


The second episode, The Truth About Holly, aired 13 October, 1984, and was penned by Phil Combest.

It seems Caitlin (Jean Bruce Scott) has finally tracked down Stringfellow Hawke, and worms her way into his and Dom’s good graces, and gets a job at Santini Air.

Unfortunately, this episode felt a lot like a Magnum episode I’d watched a couple of weeks ago, Italian Ice…

Hawke rescues Dom’s niece, Holly (Barbara Howard) from a man who kept her imprisoned and beat her. Once she’s free, she falls in a big way for Hawke, but her feelings aren’t necessarily reciprocated. Hawke likes the young woman, but doesn’t really think of her that way.

Unfortunately, Holly sees Caitlin as a threat and starts to cause some serious, even life-threatening incidents to keep her out of the way. Or is it Holly’s ex-lover who’s now in town causing these problems?

This one is a fairly basic episode, and there are no real surprises here. It’s nice that Caitlin is now fully incorporated into the show, but I was hoping there would be a better way to bring her into the fold than having her center in the jealous/psycho girlfriend episode.

Oh well.

Let’s see where they take the show from here. It’s amazing how much of this show that I don’t remember!

More next week.



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