Magnum p.i. (1982) – Try To Remember and Italian Ice


More Hawaiian fun this week, as Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) investigates more mysteries in Oahu.

First up is Try to Remember, written by Reuben Leder and Andrew Schneider and aired on 28 January, 1982. Things are pretty dire as the episode opens, Thomas is being pulled from the Ferrari, which has been completely totaled in a crash, and Thomas is suffering from amnesia.

As Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) pore over the wreckage for clues, Higgins (John Hillerman) tries to help Magnum with some hypnosis, but all Thomas can remember is a terrifying moment from one of his tours in Vietnam.

As he digs back into the case, he finds out that the woman he was trying to find is dead, and he’s the prime suspect. Which leads us to the introduction of the recurring character of Detective Tanaka (Kwan Hi Lim). I love his appearances.

Thomas has to do his best to clear his name of murder, and help his clients, Dave (Mark Withers) and Wendy Gilbert (Nancy Lee Grahn). But things may not be so easily resolved, and Thomas is hoping that his amnesia will lift and give him some answers…

But, what if it isn’t amnesia?

I like how this story plays out, there’s a bit of darkness here, happily meted out against the lighter moments provided by the relationship scenes of our heroes. There’s a great one where Higgins has Magnum hypnotized and learns about a bottle of wine Thomas helped himself to. You know that’s going to come back on him before episode’s end.

And once again, I saw some now familiar locations from my trip!


The second episode Italian Ice is a familiar sounding tale, written by Bellisario, and it aired 4 February, 1982.

Thomas is asked to bring home Katrina Tremaine (Ann Dusenberry), rescuing her from a mobster, Marquis (Jean Claudio). The rescue comes off without a hitch, but things get complicated for Thomas pretty quickly…

Katrina begins to interfere with Thomas’ blossoming relationship with drama teacher, Margo Perina (Mimi Rogers), with a crush of her own on the private investigator. But when Marquis shows up on the island as well, it seems that no matter what Thomas does, he’s in trouble. The episode tries to make you think it could be either Marquis or Katrina, but you can tell from every single shot, right from the get-go, that Katrina is going to be the culprit for everything.

I did like the bit that saw Rick conversing in Italian with one of the Marquis’ bodyguards, just long enough to distract him so Magnum could pop up with his gun.

It was really cool seeing Mimi Rogers in this episode, and I think it’s a little sad that she wasn’t given a multi-episode character arc as opposed to a one episode appearance. Oh well.

And as a final plus, I saw the tidal pool I swam in every morning in this episode!! I don’t think things like that will ever get old for me, so you may have to bear with me on that.

Aloha until next week!





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