M is for Magic (2007) – Neil Gaiman


I love the way Neil Gaiman writes. Anytime I try to be creative, I read something he does, and I’m simply gobsmacked.

I’m always happy to curl up with one of his books, and this collection of short stories is no exception.

Composed of ten stories, and one poem, this collection is a fairly youth friendly ensemble, gathering some previously published tales into one location. And there is a little bit of everything, there is magic, ghosts, monsters, quests, knights, and that wonderful whimsy that seems to live and breathe inside Gaiman’s stories.

Each one of them took me in and wrapped me up, but it wasn’t until I read the short tale The Price, that I told Sue that this is the book she needs to read next. I’d heard variations in the story he tells before, but it’s not only the story, it is how it’s told, and I simply love the last few lines. His way with words, wow.

There’s a tale called Chivalry, that had me smiling from the off. It features a little old lady, a unique treasure she finds, and those who come seeking it. A purely enjoyable tale that takes the incredible, puts it in the ordinary, and watches as life continues…

There’s a detective story featuring fairy tale characters, a spooky little tale about a patient jack-in-the-box, and an encounter with a hungry troll.

The Witch’s Headstone, the last story in the book, would later become a part of The Graveyard Book, which I believe is due for a revisit soon. Now that I’m on a Gaiman kick, I want t reread tons of his work. I think i can say, categorically, that he is my favorite author.

The way he weaves his tales, and works the magical and reality together, always with a sense of wonder and often with a sense of humour, makes me envious every time I read his writing, but they also allow me to curl up inside them, simply enjoying and reveling in the worlds that he creates and brings to life. And with these short stories, you just get a taste of the realms that he can create, none of them   their welcome, and perfectly, and left me longing to visit the worlds he’s described.

He’s a fascinating writer, with an expansive repertoire, I’ve even gone right back and found all of his Sandman comics and working my way through those as well.

Is there anything Neil Gaiman can’t write?!?!



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