Trailer Tracks: Field Of Dreams – Phil Alden Robinson


Still another entry on my Top 10 of All Time list is Field Of Dreams.  I saw this in the theatre almost by accident.  Wasn’t sure what to see that night, and someone came out of an earlier screening and told me to go see that one, so in we went.  From the opening scene of the Voice in the field, I was hooked, and from that moment I gave in hook, line and sinker to the adventure unfolding before me.  It’s rare that I go into a film knowing nothing about it ahead of time, and even less common is to have one affect me so completely.  I can’t even watch the trailer without misting up some.

I laugh, cry, cheer and quote this film all the time, and with such an incredible cast bringing the story to life, you really can’t go wrong.  I even spent an afternoon playing on the field itself.

It really is Heaven, even if they claim it’s only Iowa.

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