Doctor Who (William Hartnell) – The Myth Makers


The third season of Doctor Who continues this week with this 4 part story that originally aired 16 October to 6 November 1965. It was written by Donald Cotton, and saw the Doctor (Hartnell) and company, travelling to the ancient city of Troy.

I must really love Doctor Who, because getting through these four episodes, Temple of Secrets, Small Prophet – Quick Return, Death of a Spy and Horse of Destruction was tougher than I would like, once again becuae of the reconstructed nature of the episodes.

Which is too bad, because a lot of this episode actually sounds fun, and there seems to be a bit of the tongue-firmly-in-cheek lilt to some of the dialogue.

The Doctor is mistaken for Zeus, the TARDIS for his travelling temple, and he has a hand in the creation of the Trojan horse while interacting with the likes of Achilles (Cavan Kendall) and Odysseus (Ivor Salter).

The TARDIS is almost burned by the prophet, Cassandra (Frances White), while her handmaiden, Katarina (Adrienne Hill) leaves her service at the end of the story to join our travellers. She takes up a position that is vacated in this episode by Vicki’s (Maureen O’Brien) departure. She, much like Susan, has fallen in love, in Vicki’s case with Troilus (James Lynn), and elects to stay behind.

Katarina however, seems a bit naive, of course, considering the time period she came from, and the things she now finds herself surrounded by.

Steven (Peter Purves) is wounded in combat with a Trojan warrior, and is in great pain, suffering from hallucinations, and the Docor is hoping that they will be able to find the right medication for them on their next landing, smack dab in the middle of The Dalek’s Master Plan.

As sad as it is, I am hoping I can get through this season’s remaining stories, seven of them, relatively quickly, because the reconstructed stuff is truly trying my patience, and straining my love for the series. Parts of me simply want to leap ahead to the completed stories, but the completionist part of me is determined to keep working away at it!

It’s also interesting to see the way the stories were composed and how storytelling for the series has changed over the years. So no need to worry, I won’t be jumping regenerations or stories, I’m in for the long haul, and looking forward to taking on the Dalek’s again next week!




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