Antisocial (2013) – Cody Calahan – Available Now!!


Releasing today on DVD and Blu-Ray from Anchor Bay is this highly enjoyable take on the oft-visited zombie genre.

You can take a look at our original review here, as well as our chat with the filmmakers!

This one is one to watch in the dark, with the lights off, and just throw yourself into the film, enjoy it for what it is, and be ready, because apparently, there is already talks of a sequel in the works!!

Anchor Bay was kind enough to send me a copy to watch again, and I’m always happy to listen to a commentary, and learn about how scenes were shot and how the film came together. Of course some of this we learned when director Cody Calahan and his associate producer Chris Giroux came into the studios to chat with us!

It’s fun, it’s bloody, and it’s got some really cool moments. Packed with a young cast, Michelle Mylet, Cody Thompson, Adam Christie and Ana Alic play univeristy students all gathering for a New Years eve party, and in an era where social media is everywhere, what happens when something is released through it?

Have a look at this one and get ready for their next film, The Drownsmen, while we wait for the follow-up to Antisocial! Because the ending… very cool!

It’s kind of like a zombie movie, and there are some nice visuals, as well as some creepy ideas present in this one, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the sequel.

So if a scary-virus-hallucination-kind-of-zombies-movie sounds like the thing for you, check it out today from Anchor Bay!



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