Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982) – Shanghaied & Black Pearl


Jake Cutter (Stephen Collins) and his one-eyed dog Jake are in for it this time!

Roddy McDowall joins the cast this episode, Shanghaied, as Bon Chance Louie. It originally aired 29 September, 1982. It was written by Bellisario, and throws our heroes right into the fire.

Corky (Jeff MacKay) is kidnapped by a George R.R. Martin look-alike calling himself Ahab (Guy Stockwell) to repair his slaver ship (he is actually harboring a secret that ties him to Koji), the Pandora. Jake, Sarah (Caitlin O’Heaney) and Jack take off after him, despite the fact that Jake is suffering from malaria.

Running down a lead that Ahab may have worked for Princess Koji (Marta DuBois), they take Cutter’s Goose into the Japanese Mandate to get answers. Then Koji with Todo (John Fujioka) and a number of samurai in tow, they head out to save Corky.

Meanwhile, Ahab keeps Corky in check by threatening the Mud People he has captured for selling, though Corky tries to nurse a couple of them to strength so he can use them as help but also hopefully facilitate an escape.

Allying themselves with the Mud People, Jake and company have to come up with a plan to save Corky.

This is good rip-snorting fun, wonderfully embracing the feel of the 1930s serials and the melodramas of that time.


Black Pearl, penned by Bellisario, Dennis Capps, George Geiger, Paul Savage and Bob Foster aired October 13, 1982.

Flying an American named Kimble (Cliff Potts), who we learn is a double agent, to Bora Gora, Jake and Corky rescue a dying slave who is carrying radioactive material, stolen from a top-secret Nazi installation where they are working on a new kind of bomb.

Taking a risk, and making sure that Sarah and Corky will follow him, Jake poses as Kimble (after Sarah Mickey Finns him), and meets with the Germans. But as time runs out to the weapon’s test, Jake’s true identity is learned, and Corky and Sarah may not find him in time.

While not as all out as the previous episode, this one continues to make the world of the Gold Monkey fun, and full of melodrama, and gives a familiar Bellisario name to the wheel-chair bound waiter of Louis’ bar… Gushie (Les Jankey).

There is some nice wordplay between Jake and Sarah, when Jake learns that Kimble is in Sarah’s room, but she’s trying to keep it a secret, as they continue to dance around their feelings for one another.

All of the characters are developing nicely, and it’s fun to see the undercover Nazi agent, Reverend Tenboom (John Calvin) dealing with the idea of betraying his country or helping Jake.

Corky’s drinking will continue to cause problems for him throughout the series, and while sometimes it’s used as a joke, the undertone of it treats it as a real problem, and I like how Sarah, Jake and Jack all worry about his problem.

More trouble awaits our heroes next week as the Cutter’s Goose flies into more adventure!!!


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