Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1 (2013) – Lloyd Kaufman


Anchor Bay was kind enough to give me my first Troma experience, and I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot!

I knew going in that it would be crass, bloody and filled with nudity, and I wasn’t far off.

Not so much a remake or reboot, as it is a kind of sequel (but not even really that) to the original run of Nuke ‘Em High series, this one had me laughing from the off at the sheer absurdity, crassness and gore. I knew I was in for a good ride, and the cameos in the first few minutes only made me appreciate it more!

The nuclear power plant next to Tromaville High School (located in New Jersey) has been torn down, and been replaced with a manufacturing plant that supplies ‘organic’ food, and has been contracted to supply the neighboring high school with its lunches.

Things get gross, and hilarious, when the local Glee club (nowhere near as cool as Fox would have you believe), who can’t seem to hit a note to save their lives, eat infected, glowing green tacos and mutate into the pitch perfect, better dressed but undeniably violent Cretins, with an inexplicably mutated wheel chair as well – hilarious!


Soon, they are terrorizing not only the school but the entire town, with its two police officer constabulary.

Thrust into this is the new rich girl in town, Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), her pet duck and Lauren’s potential soul mate, Chrissy (Asta Paredes).

The laughs tend to come very quickly, and almost all of them are a little gross. There are physical gags, nods to other Troma films, hilarious lines, and yes, nudity, blood, and more nudity.

This is one of those films that comes across as so intentionally bad, that you rounds the bend and comes back round to awesome. I thought it was a hoot, and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of Volume 2!

I can’t lie, I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. If I had come across Troma films when I was a teen and growing up, they would undeniably have been amongst my favorites. Now, I’ll simply have to catch up on all the things I missed out on.


The two leads are a lot of fun, and while imbuing their characters with a sense of reality, they are definitely having fun with everything that is going on around them, I mean… there are genital mutations and sexual assault with a duck (a phrase I thought I would never write).

The film, being only volume one, leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger as the credits roll, and I’m already impatient to see how things turn out.

For those who haven’t been introduced to a Troma film before, this may very well be a good jumping off point. Volume 1 is only 85 minutes, and moves pretty quick, so it is either just enough to completely offend you or whet your appetite for more.

There are some cool extras on the Blu-Ray (and I do love my extras), a quick look back at 40 years of Troma (I wish there was more to this one), commentaries, and a couple of entertaining behind the scenes featurettes.

Now, I just want to see more Troma… where do I start?

Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume One was released yesterday on Blu-Ray and DVD by Anchor Bay.


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