Around The House – Sue’s V Collection


I chose V to be the focus of my first Around The House segment, because it’s been such a huge part of my heart for so long, and because I don’t really have very much stuff from it, considering how long I’ve loved it.  There’s kind of a gaping lack of treasures to be found from both the original and reboot series, but that just means that everything I DO have is well-loved and cherished.

I had to do more than one take because my one cat in particular (Jack Bear, pictured above) needed to be involved, which apparently means he had to walk all over everything and try to steal a few items from the display.

Maybe I should make a blooper reel?  🙂

At any rate, here is my first stab at showing off a few items from one of my most cherished collections.  I actually forgot one of my more recent finds, which is this card from a set produced in Argentina.  I’ll work at finding others from that set, as well, but since Julie (Faye Grant) has always been my favourite, I jumped at the chance to snag her card first:

ATH - Julie card

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