Almost Human S01E06 – Arrhythmia


Illegal organ tranplants. and another DRN are the focus of this week’s episode of Almost Human.

We also see some more cool future tech, holographic consulting doctors, a very cool translating device, and Dorian (Micheal Ealy) can remove his eyes, and remotely drive their patrol car…

The episode kicks off with a man trying to get on a heart and lung machine before 9:18, proclaiming over and over that they’ve killed him. When 9:18 hits, the man drops to the floor, dead.

As Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian investigate, they learn that the deceased had a bio-mech heart, illegally procured and installed that was keeping him alive, but also had been augmented with a chip that is basically a timer, and if the person doesn’t keep up monthly payments, then the heart simply shuts off. Their investigation leads them from a funeral home, where cremation is undertaken and bio-mech devices are recovered, and recorded as destroyed, to the manufacturer themselves, where Kennex is goaded into making a donation to needy children by Dorian in a fun little scene.


As the duo run down leads, Dorian encounters another DRN unit working as a janitor, and wants to help him remember what he was, and what he’s capable of.

This turns out both good and bad, we learn more about the DRN units. They were described as emotionally twitchy, or as Kennex refers to them, “crazy.”  We learn that there was a test that they underwent to determine their functionality, but eventually, they were all retired to make way for the more stable MX series, which to my way of thinking opened a whole new package of problems.

It’s an interesting take on organ theft, and I like the way this story was executed, as well as the continuing to develop relationship between Kennex and Dorian, as rock as it may be.

Watching Dorian interact with the other DRN, is a lot of fun, especially watching how Kennex reacts to him. He’s willing to accept Dorian into his life, but doesn’t see the other DRN as anything more than an annoying tool, so he obviously still has his biases.


The show continues to look amazing (though as always, a little to clean) and the stories and characters continue to be involving, as the world they exist in continues to be set-up and explored by viewers through the weekly episodes.

I’ve always enjoyed Urban as an actor, and I like to see him settling comfortably into the lead of a TV series, it also gives him a chance to let him play a variety of genres in the course of one show, comedy, tragedy, action… it’s all there.

The show continues to be fun, entertaining, and I openly admit I am now hooked on it. I’m looking forward to moving forward and getting darker and more complex stories now that we’ve gotten to know the characters, so I hope we get the ok on a second season.

What have you thought of the show so far?

Almost Human airs Mondays on Fox.


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