Lost Girl S04E05 – Let The Dark Times Roll


This week’s episode of Lost Girl picks up exactly where last week’s ended with Bo’s (Anna Silk) confrontation with the Una Mens, led by The Keeper (Christine Horne) and the revelation that she is no longer unaligned, but has in fact chosen to be Dark Fae!!

Bo’s reaction is wonderfully Bo.

She’s warned that she must pay fealty to the leader of the dark Fae, hello Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier), before she can do anything else. Chatting with the Morrigan, which sees Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) flirting with her dark side, though bristling under the remarks about her being a pet, Bo learns that she has little time to back out of being Dark Fae, the next full moon, conveniently that night.

Bo has to track down Vex (Paul Amos), whom she believes is the one who has somehow fixed her alignment.

When told she must attend the Dark Fae gathering to learn where Vex is, she and Kenzi, with Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) in tow, end up there. Which ends hilariously as Tamsin finds herself in a dance-off… to the death.


We also finally get to see Bo and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) reunited, and a dumbstruck waiter stumbles upon the amorous couple… Ha!

When Bo tracks down Vex, we learn he is about to pull an Ash, and ends up like Luke in Empire… It seems the Una Mens has put a malignant mold on his hand that is very aggressive, and of course, if he loses both his hands… he’s a mesmer with no ability to feed, so he takes it to extremes… but Bo does save the hand… so who knows, they may be able to save it!

Trick (Rick Howland) returns, and is stunned to learn that his granddaughter is now pledged to the Dark Fae, while the Una Mens have offered him the opportunity to be the Acting Ash, though I suspect there are other political and controlling motivations behind their decision. There is trouble coming for Trick and Bo in a big way this season I suspect.


Bo is told to find out what really happened, she has to find her dark fae sponsor, someone named Rayner… hmmm, connection to the Wanderer comes to mind, but how did everything get signed?

I do like the fact that there is a bit of a mystery around not only her disappearance but her unexpected alignment. As we get further into the season, I expect we’ll see our favorite characters pushed into darker spaces, and making tougher choices, but that’s something you want to see, you want to see how your heroes behave under duress and wonder how you in turn would react.

We know the Wanderer is bound to show at some point, and we know the Una Mens are up to no good, especially now that we learned how they actually were created, and are unable to feel emotion, and are only worried about following the word of the law, and Trick will be in trouble if they cotton to who he actually is.

This season is looking to turn into a sprawling, treacherous adventure, and I am hoping it gets darker before it gets lighter.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase.


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  1. NL_Greece says:

    Tv Series Lost Lost Girl
    Smoke The Black Smoke The wanderer
    Unemotional people Dharma Men Uma Mens
    The constant S4E5 S3E1
    How much lost? Completely On their way

    So far so bad….

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