X-Men (2000) – Bryan Singer


The 101 Action Movies returns to the comic book genre with this great flick by Bryan Singer. Featuring an all-star cast the legendary and iconic X-Men characters made an incredibly successful jump to the big screen.

I remember when I first saw this one, my friend Dennis was very eager to see it, he’d been a huge fan of the cartoon series, and the fact that Patrick Stewart had been cast as Professor Charles Xavier was enough to get us both excited about the film.

Stewart, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Anna Paquin as Rogue, and Ian McKellen as Magneto get the lion’s share of the characterization and story, and they play their roles perfectly. I love the fact that Xavier and Magneto were friends, allies but it’s their personal philosophies that have driven them to opposite sides of the coin. Despite that, they still respect one another.


Xavier, and his school for gifted children believe that mutants and humanity can coexist, even despite a senator’s (Bruce Davison) motion to pass a mutant registration act. This sounds a little too familiar to Magneto, who survived the German concentration camps, and has established the Brotherhood of Mutants, to fight for their place in the world, and if humans won’t accept them, he’ll make the entire world mutants.

A well-rounded cast, including Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Rebbeca Romijn and accomplished stunt artist Ray Park the film deals with something the original comic always dealt with, acceptance, racism, sexism, using mutants as a symbol for those who are different or unaccepted.

Singer’s film is fun, well-crafted and it has always seemed way too short for me, though the stronger X2 makes up for that.

The first time through I was completely hooked on it, and I found the character of Rogue so lonely. Here’s someone who can live in the world, but can never be touched. Something just resonated with me. And of course, there is Wolverine. Cool, cynical and just all around awesome, for me, I could never see anyone else but Jackman in the role.


I loved it, and dug into the comics and the 90s cartoons. But before that, Dennis and I turned around and caught another show that same day.

Yes, there are differences and changes that purists took issue with, Rogue is too young, Sabertooth is Wolverine’s brother why don’t they know one another, amongst other things, but too the uninitiated, like myself, it was the best gateway into the Marvel Universe. It’s a fully realized world, and one I like to revisi on a fairly regular basis.

I am by no means an applied, I’m well aware of how bad X3 and Origins are but that won’t stop me from watching them occasionally as well, of course First Class from Matthew Vaughn was fantastic, and now Bryan Singer has come full circle returning to this world with the upcoming Days of Future Past, have a look at the trailer below.

Who’s your favorite mutant or your favorite Marvel character?

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