Lost Girl S04E04 – Turn to Stone


Big things this week, as truths are outed, friendships reforged, and the big surprise…

Bo (Anna Silk) is no longer unaligned!!!

This week we find Bo and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) rediscovering their passion for one another, while Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) goes through a growth spurt and takes on a recognizable form, not bad for only being two weeks old (Rachel gets some great moments to play because of Tamsin’s young age).

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is having problems with The Druid (Tim Rozon) who has been supplying her with her temporary Fae fix, but seeing as she is unable to pay, and trying to stem her thieving ways, he arranges for the Clubhouse to be robbed, and claims all of the girls’ stuff, discovering Tamsin in the process.


Kenzi and Bo, while temporarily holed up at Lauren’s (Zoie Palmer), deal with the grief Bo has for her missing ex, as well as a tough scene for Kenz when she comes clean about the secrets she’s been keeping. It obviously hurts both women profoundly, but it’s a testament to their love for one another that they find their way through it by episode’s end.

Also through all of this, Bo is being stalked by a bitey gargoyle, not a Weeping Angel, but a threat nonetheless.

Meanwhile we rejoin Lauren and Crystal (Ali Liebert) where they are being held in a dingy room, in a set-up that initially reminds one of Saw. They learn they are being watched, and that Lauren is there to do some emergency lab work for an unknown party. All we know is that the glimpse we get of them, is rather disturbing… I think part of that is the Turn to Stone from the title… perhaps there’s a gorgon at work in the Fae world?

Bo goes after The Druid after he seizes Tamsin, playing on the reborn Valkyrie’s fear that Bo doesn’t like her, and plans to harvest some of her hair to help his ailing mother.

When Bo arrives, Tamsin gets to show how powerful she has become, there are wings! and Bo resolves the situation, but has to live with another death on her conscience.


We also learn that the gargoyle is at the beck and call of the Una Mens, overseen by The Keeper (Christine Horne), and they are the ones who announce to Bo that she is no longer unaligned, that she has made her choice after all…

That choice is going to cause a lot of problems and friction, but perhaps not, because when was the last time we knew Bo to play by the rules.

This episode, more than anything, works to push our characters forward, we see them developing in new ways, hinting at new challenges coming their way, and consequently, the inevitable approach of trouble.

This one was fun, the scenes with Bo and Kenzi are going to go down as favorites I think, because yes, some of the things hurt both sides, but they find their way around it, and come back together, stronger than before. And they are going to need it for what’s coming…

What did you think of this week’s episode? What about Bo’s alignment?

Lost Girl airs Sunday nights on Showcase.


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