Canadian Toy Con!


Sue and I are very much enjoying our association with the Burlington and the Canadian Toy Cons. This past weekend, we traveled out to the Sheraton Airport Hotel out on Dixon Road, eager and excited to see what new treasures we would find.

When we first started, both Sue and I were just in awe and filled with nostalgia when we went to the cons, stunned to come across long lost items from our own childhood, leaving each con with a small bundled of reclaimed joy. Now, we’re becoming a little more specific about the things we’re looking for, peering past the legions of Transformers, the armies of G.I. Joe, for those forgotten gems of treasure that send us, like a time machine, hurtling back to the days of our youth.


Sue is digging in and searching out the original 100 Kenner Star Wars action figures, they don’t have to be in pristine condition, she’s just looking to collect them all, and so she picked up the classic Darth Vader action figure carrier to stow some of them in on Sunday, as well as some figures to expand her set. It makes me want to start going through all my Star Wars figures and slowly starting adding more to my collection as well. Mine aren’t pristine either, but I do like to pose the on book shelves sometimes.

There are things I keep hoping to find.

Black Hole toys, I would love to find a V.I.N.Cent. action figure. I also remember a series of Black Hole pencil holders that I got out of a box of Shreddies, and I would love to find those, just come across them in a bin somewhere…

VincentRedAdd that into my desire to track down the Corgi Buck Rogers in the 25th Century starfighter, and that means Sue and I always have our eyes open. I always keep hoping to come across the Battlestar Galactica toys of my youth, the viper and raider, that anytime I visited someone who had them, that would be the toy I would play with!

But not only are we playing sleuth now, more and more each visit, but just as often we come across items we didn`t even know exist. They`ve released a whole line of Pixar Cars toys with the Cars as Star Wars characters! How did I not know about that?!?!

So I and prowl and chat with the sellers, the shoppers and the other attending booths, it’s always amazing who you’ll meet, what you’ll find and what you can learn.


This time around Santa was wandering, as this is the closest Toy Con to Xmas, posing for pictures, passing out candy canes, and no doubt looking to find stuff to fill the lists of all the collectors out there.

I spent some time at a booth that served me well at the last con, and served me well again this time, Pyzon’s Playhouse. Run by Mike Melidoni, they specialize in retro, vintage and pop culture toys!

Last time around I was lucky enough to pick up two of the original Burger King Star Wars glasses from 1977 (hopefully I’ll be able to get the others, as well as the Empire Strikes Back series) but this time, I was finally able to score the other glasses from McDonald’s The Great Muppet Caper promotion!!


And of course as soon as I got home they went right into circulation!!

These cons are always a delight, and Sue and I feel very privileged, to be able to attend these them, to write about them, chat with some friendly folk, and hunt down lost pieces of our childhood, discover forgotten nooks and crannies of our imagination and dreams, and reawaken those lon lost memories of childhood and fun. My inner child is always close to the surface and places like these conventions not only encourage him to come out, but welcome him and embrace him.

What toys bring back your most treasured memories?


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