The Mind Reels chats with Greg Nelson and Adrienne Mitchell – Played


Sue has been championing CTV’s new show Played to me since it has premiered. I’m a little behind, only being two epsiodes in, but I can already tell you that it’s intelligent, engaging, and features some fantastic acting.

Produced by Back Alley films, which also oversaw our much loved Bomb Girls, Played is a procedural undercover cop series, set here in Toronto (making our city look amazing) starring Vincent Walsh as John Moreland, Lisa Marcos as Maria Cortez, Chandra West as Rebecca Ellis, Dwain Murphy as Daniel Price, Agam Darshi as Kahli Bhatt and Adam Butcher as Jesse Calvert.

The first episode put me in mind of the original Mission: Imposssible in that every member of the team plays a part in in the mission’s success, Miami Vice for it’s, then, gritty look at undercover work, and Wiseguy, with it’s awesome serialized storyline about an undercover agent who infiltrated crime rings and took them down.

I passed all these things on to Greg Nelson, the series creator and Back Alley Films producer, Adrienne Mitchell as we began our phone interview with them the other night, our interview link below kicks in right after I said this.

You’ll find the complete interview, with it’s original raw audio here The Mind Reels chats with Greg Nelson and Adrienne Mitchell – Played.

Played airs Thursdays on CTV!

Have you watched it yet?

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