Hammertown Comic Con

Sue and I, with our friend and camera operator Kayleigh Book in tow, tackled the Hammertown Comic Con in Hamilton this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun! There were 3 Back To The Future guests, a couple of DeLoreans, some fantastic costumes, great art, and some cool folks to chat to! Sue and I arrived in style…

Is there possibly a cooler way to show up at a con?!? From there we wandered the floor, taking in the sites, and coming very close to collecting these… IMG_0003 From there we had a wander and looked at some of the amazing art by folks like Ron and Indy as well as the awesome art of Steve McGinnis – I picked up a copy of his The Thing print (I have to get a frame for it, because it needs to go up like now!!), and Sue picked up his Alfred Hitchcock print. Then we decided it was time to jump in and do some interviews!!

First up was the amazing James Tolkan, best known as Principal Strickland in Back To The Future, and various other Stricklands through Hill Valley’s history, as well as Stinger in Top Gun…

Once that first interview was out of the way, things started to come together pretty quick for us as we began hitting one guest after another, all of whom were a joy to chat with! We were pleasantly surprised by how simply awesome Donald Fullilove was, best know for his turn as Goldie Wilson in the Back To The Future series, we got him to deliver his most famous line, and I bought a replica of his Re-Election poster.

Mayor Goldie Wilson… wow.

Then we moved along and spoke to the series original Jennifer Parker, Claudia Wells! Make sure you check out her official site here. As a side note, my hair seems to get wilder and wilder from one interview to the next…

After that, we decided to wander the floor again, where Sue encountered Ruffus the Dog, who was talking about his new project, Ruffus the Dog’s Steampunk Adventure, take a look at it’s trailer and site here!

From there we wandered for a bit, checking out costumes, and looking at toys, Sue got herself a new Christmas tree… IMG_0004 Then we had a couple of more chats. The first was with Kylie Szymanski, who played the Governor’s daughter Penny, in season 3 of The Walking Dead…

We then got a chance to converse with the brilliant, funny, and generally awesome Robert Picardo from Star Trek: Voyager, the Stargate series…

Then for our last chat of the day we wandered over to chat with the hosts of YTV’s popular show Splatalot Matt Chin and Jason Agnew, and we were then ambushed by a surprise guest… Pat Mastroianni!

It was a fantastic day at the Hammertown Comic Con, and Sue and I want to extend our thanks to everyone who went, everyone who chatted with us, and everyone who made the event a success! We hope to see you next year!

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