TIFF – Short Cuts Canada Programme 6


Today brings us the last day of the short programs for TIFF 2013 here in Toronto, you can catch them screening at 7:00pm this evening or 12:15 tomorrow at the Lightbox.

Like the five preceding programs this one if filled with gems and jewels, and one in particular I thought was brilliant!

Cory Bowles’ Anatomy of Assistance is a fantastic film featuring a strong performance by Keeya King, as Talia, a young woman who is offered financial assistance by a local organization to better herself through education. She takes the money, but promptly spends it on booze instead of saving it for her post-secondary education, slighting a bum with “Get A Job,” as she does. We then follow the envelope of money and Talia as the two keep intersecting one another until she comes to some personal revelations, thanks to a pair of cops and her friend. Great film!

Firecrackers from Jasmin Mozaffari is a sad, film about unfulfilled ambition as two young women are stuck in a go-nowhere town with nothing to do but dream of getting out. Yet there are things at work in the family that will trap them here, and you are left wondering if all they have left is unrealized potential…


Lay Over is a delightfully romantic, fun offering from Jordan Hayes. In the vein of Before Sunrise, a young woman is stuck in Los Angeles on a lay over to Australia. She meets up with a young man, who insists on showing her his city before she continues on her journey. Filled with beautiful sights, a charming cast, and a sense of spontaneity and joy, this one is for the romantic in all of us.

Paradiso overseen by Devan Scott takes the viewer on an odd trip to the second coming of Christ on Earth. Once there, judgments are mailed out for everyone sending them to heaven or hell. A pair of brothers are troubled to see that they are destined for different destinations, and the Heaven-bound brother, after begging St. Peter for help, confronts God in an attempt to plea for his brother’s release from the underworld. Funny, goofy (especially when St. Peter starts swearing, not to mention God taking his own son’s name in vain), and ultimately troubling, this one is a hoot, and honestly, one could see this being developed in a single season series for the BBC, a delightful mix of the absurd, comedic and dramatic.


Foreclosure, directed by Wayne Robinson is an odd offering about the stress and distraction that a young office worker, striving for a promotion undergoes as he struggles to get a report on his boss’ desk by 5. Unfortunately, he is distracted by his co-workers who wander the office nude, trying to seduce him, or pass on messages to loved ones should they decide to commit suicide. It all comes to a head at 5pm, with the report and the promotion hanging in the balance.

Drop by Chris Goldade is my favorite from the bunch. When a WWII soldier, Frank (Jan Bos) parachutes into modern-day suburbia, sustaining a head injury when he does, he meets Barry (Darcy Johnson). Darcy, unsure of what to think of the man at first slowly begins to realize that the man has somehow arrived from the ETO of 1942… that time travel is possible. What follows is a hilarious discussion of wormholes, time travels, reading a map, and the stunning arrival of an english-speaking German soldier, the police, and the Fuhrer himself!

As always a number of the shorts will be available on TIFF’s YouTube channel after they screen, so please check them out here.

After you do, let me know what your favorites are! And tell me what else you saw at TIFF if you were there!


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