TIFF – Short Cuts Canada Programme 5


Screening at 9:15pm today and at 2:30pm tomorrow at the Lightbox here in Toronto is the next selection of Short Cuts Canada to be featured at TIFF 2013.

Impromptu from Bruce Alcock is a delightful animated short that features a man wanting to spend some time with his sweetie, Sylvie, because he really wants to talk to her. However, Sylvie has just won the bid on a building, one he opposes, and is celebrating, and what was to be a quiet evening at home turns into a large dinner party that allows for something magical and beautiful to happen.

Another animated film, The End of Pinky by Claire Blanchet, is a stylistic, noir creation about two men, Johnny and Pinky,  and a woman, Mia on the eve that Johnny decides he has to kill Pinky. Pinky suffers from graph-mania and has unfortunately spilled all of Johnny’s illegal secrets to the police. I loved the look of this one, and the way the characters move through the frame.


Crime – The Animated Series: Joe Loya, The Beirut Bandit is another quick, beautifully rendered animated short that put me in mind of Tim Sale’s art as we hear the tale of Joe Loya. Loya is a carjacker who decides to branch out into robbing banks. Things go pretty well on the bank robbing side, but other things end up causing problems for him…

Numbers & Friends is an interesting offering from Alexander Carson. It follows a recently emigrated European to America, where he tries to fit in and understand the culture through its sports and his growing fascination with baseball statistics and creating the perfect fantasy team. Combining gorgeous still photography, superimposed moving images, this film is stunning to look.


Roland directed by Trevor Cornish will ring true with anyone who has ever worked in the customer service industry. Plagued by a co-worker who does nothing, and foists her customers off on him so she can go back to her phone conversations, Roland’s shift just got that much worse… He’s being harassed, belittled and harangued by a man who insists on using the employees only washroom. While trying to maintain his calm, and polite demeanor things seem to get worse and worse until the man storms off angrily. Sharing the tale with a couple of customers he has no idea things are about to get so much worse for him. Trust me Roland, been there, done that.

The final short, and the longest of the bunch is a brilliant film called An Extraordinary Person from Monia Chokri. The smart and beautiful Sarah (Emilie Bibeau) is a little socially awkward, and may or may not have slept with someone much younger than herself. Still, once rescued by her friend Catherine, they are off to a bachelorette party, filled with old acquaintances whom Sarah really doesn’t wish to see, nor even socialize with. As the evening progresses everything unravels quickly as she can no longer take the falseness that seems to permeate the group. And when everything seems to be at its worst… well… just watch this one. I loved it! And watch for an appearance from the lovely Evelyne Brochu, who caught my attention in Season 1 of Orphan Black!

Once again, please remember that you don’t have to be in Toronto to enjoy these and the shorts from the previous programmes this week, just head on over to TIFF’s YouTube channel, here, and check some of them out!


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