The Newsroom S02E08 – Election Night Part I


HBO’s brilliant Aaron Sorkin drama roared back to the screen this past Sunday after a one week absence (believe me I noticed) and brought the pot to a steady and feverish boil as we follow the ACN News Night team through election night of November 8, 2012, amidst all the problems the blown story of Genoa has given them. I loved all the activity that was going on during the broadcast, it just made me smile at all the organized chaos, amazing, I was also happy to see Hallie (Grace Gummer) back, if even for just a mo.

Tomorrow morning, on the 9th of November, Jerry Dantana’s (Hamish Linklater) suit is being filed with its long list of grievances against Will (Jeff Daniels), Mac (Emily Mortimer) and Charlie (Sam Waterston), with an additional suit being laid against Don (Thomas Sadoski) for interfering with Jerry’s ability to get a job after he was called for a recommendation.

Previously Will, Mac and Charlie lobbied Leona (Jane Fonda) to accept their resignations, but she refused, instead preferring to stand by her team, and swear that Dantana won’t receive anything from the suit. This week Charlie, during an election viewing party goes to see Reese (Chris Messina), Leona’s son to try to plead the case for their dismissal. In a brilliant bit, Reese reveals he agrees completely, but is unable to fire them or accept their resignation, and the reason he gives made me laugh out loud.


Interweaving through this is an amusing Sloan (Olivia Munn) and Neal (Dev Patel) story that sees Sloan getting Neal to track down a book that was donated to raise relief money for Hurricane Sandy. It’s a copy of her own book, which went for $1000, but she didn’t sign it, someone else did for her… And of course now she has to set it right, otherwise how can she possibly live with herself.

In fact everything this week seems to be about trying to do the right thing, all of it.

Mac can’t understand why Will hasn’t blown up at her yet for screwing up his professional life as she did his personal life when she ruined their relationship. He instead continues to take the high road, insisting he’s the morale officer for the night.

However, as the evening progresses, the moment finally comes when Will lets her have it, and gives her exactly what she wants. He fires her.


Although… We also know it’s in his contract to fire her at the end of every week anyway and hire her back, so there’s an out there, and I really don’t see Will letting Mac go. She wants to be punished for what she did by running the story, she believes she has to be, but  as mad as Will is, and by episode’s end when he tells Taylor (Constance Zimmer) to come at him – he’s a Republican news host that constantly takes apart the Republican party – he’s pretty steamed, he knows the show is better with her. And maybe he’ll be punishing her a little by making her stay.

Maggie (Alison Pill) gets the lead on a story from Taylor, and she and Don run it down, presenting it to Charlie, Mac and Will as we race to the cliffhanger ending of the episode… They have a story, a big story, and they’ll have two on-the-record accounts. Charlie comments that as long as it doesn’t involve the military he’s in. He just about loses his mind, hilariously, when the story of General Petraeus is laid out for him.

I love this show!

The Newsroom airs Sundays on HBO.


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