The Demented (2013) – Christopher Roosevelt

Anchor Bay Canada has been looking after me very well, and this week sent me a copy of this new horror flick to take a look at.

It’s another take on the zombie movie, which, while not bringing anything really new to the table (except for one item I’ll talk about), will probably distract the 20-somethings that the film is aimed at for its 90 minute runtime.

Taylor (Kayla Ewell), David (Richard Kohnke), Brice (Ashlee Brian), Naomi (Brittney Alger), Sharley (Sarah Butler) and Howard (Michael Welch) are 6 pretty 20-something friends from college who are vacationing at Howard’s father’s Louisiana home. Drinking, goofing on, running through sprinklers and playing on a slip and slide (seriously) they party it up until they get a panicked call from Howard’s father in New York about a terrorist attack on the Gulf Coast, and have launched missiles that apparently contain a deadly biological agent.

Their first encounter with something ‘off’ is a fly-ridden, ear-torn, weird-eyed dog, who slobbers everywhere and then attacks them. Everyone calls it a night, deciding to stay in their rural home where it seems mostly safe until search and rescue shows up.

The next morning, I kid you not, one of them asks if they should go swimming today… After a terrorist attack in a nearby New Orleans, they still want to have a bit of a va-cay. Stupid kids.


And the fact that the dog is still out there, waiting, just troubles them.

Then the people start showing up, ravenous, self-mutilated, and violent.

Now the kids have to spring into action, setting aside some of their personal issues, romantic problems, and other melodrama as they have to find a way out and get rescued.

The thing I do like about these infected people, the new twist, is that they’ll wait.

They remain motionless, shutting themselves down, until a sound springs them into action, which leads to some nice moments, of our ‘heroes’ sneaking through groups of infected trying to remain as quiet as possible so as not to rouse any attention.

It’s no surprise the order in which the kids begin to fall victim, and I’m not a fan of the ending. But I won’t spoil it.

There were other issues I had a problem with, that I’m sure won’t bother a lot of its target audience, the acting isn’t stellar, sorry, and Taylor as attractive as she is, when she runs, it looks like she’s trying out for an episode of Baywatch.

Still for a first time director, Roosevelt has made a passable zombie film, that despite some issues, like how can the demented know it’s a person making those sounds? will probably appeal to its target market.

The Demented is available today on DVD and Blu-Ray from Anchor Bay.

What is your favorite zombie movie, that isn’t one of the big name titles?


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