Defiance S01E10 – The Bride Wore Black


Big events are afoot this week in the town of Defiance, and more secrets are uncovered, at least for the viewer, if not the residents!

The impending nuptials of Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath) and Christie McCawley (Nicole Munoz) lead the local Castithan males to have a stag part for Alak at the Need/Want… it ends with the discovery of a body in the walls!

Defiance - Season 1A body of a man who disappeared 7 years ago, Hunter Bell (Brendan McCarthy), who was a bit of a shady character, and was very abusive to his wife… Kenya Rosewater (Mia Kirshener).

Tommy (Dewshane Williams) with help from Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) is determined to solve the mystery… and the usual suspects are rounded up…

Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) is at the top of that list, especially after Jered (Jessica Nichols) the Need/Want’s bartender is found dead. Datak has his own problems this week, and Tony Curran may have turned in his best performance as Datak in this episode. He learns that Rafe (Graham Greene), Christie’s father, is creating a trust for the mines after he dies so that the money can go to the Irathients… and there goes any reason Datak agreed to let the marriage take place in the first place. So he calls it off.

weddingStahma (Jaime Murray) and Alak have other ideas, especially after Rafe sees how much the young Castithan loves his daughter, and the wedding goes on…

But there are flashbacks aplenty before then, revealing some of the early history of Defiance, including Datak’s time on the streets, the abusive marriage of Hunter and Kenya, and the fact that Nicolette (Fionnula Flanagan) and Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) were up to no good even then.

And then of course there’s the real reason Hunter was killed! Did not see that coming!

There are great moments in this episode, and it was fun to see Tommy a little more center stage, as we learn a bit about his history and how he ended up in town.

wedding1I love that Stahma lies to Datak at the end of the episode, when Christie doesn’t wear the tilo (sp?) that was presented to her, but in fact a veil Stahma made.  I also loved the moment when Stahma railed back at Datak, and then realizing her ‘error,’ resumed her subservient tone. We know who the real power in that relationship is, and the cultural restrictions of the Castithans are only going to hold her back for so long. I don’t think she’s afraid of Datak in any sense, she just realizes he may be useful as a tool, so continues to play the meek wife.

Irisa showing up at the wedding was great!  As well as getting to see all the locals in their Sunday best. And how lovely was the Castithan side of the wedding?!

The fact that as much as I like Trenna Keating the actress and person, I am really learning not to trust Doc at all.

tommyI was also a little shocked that Amanda (Julie Benz) didn’t tell Nolan (Grant Bowler) the truth about Kenya and Hunter’s marriage. I understand she did it to protect her sister in some way, but how is it really going to do any of them any good?

And just when I was thinking ‘Where’s the artifact going to end up?’ There it was.

Oh boy.

Now, I’m curious to see how much Datak is going to try to interfere with the newly married couple, his impulsive side constantly threatens to get him into trouble…

And there’s only two episodes to go, that’s a little frustrating, because then it’s a long wait for Season 2!

Defiance airs Mondays on Showcase!

Defiance - Season 1

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