Continuum S02E07 – Second Degree


This week it’s politics, legal wrangling and lies as Julian (Richard Harmon), Alec’s (Erik Knudsen) step-brother comes up for trial for his actions last season, including the shooting of Carlos (Victor Webster).

And before I go any further, since I’ve mentioned Carlos lets talk about how he’s handling the fact that he’s now learned that Kiera (Rachel Nichols) is from the future… umm, he seems to have taken it all in stride, and, in my opinion, a little too easily. I was hoping it may cause a slight shift in their relationship, but instead it seems that Carlos is quite happy to talk paradoxes and embrace all the future tech that Kiera has now revealed to him.

continuum207I was just hoping for a little more on that front I guess.

However, while Kiera is revealing secrets to Carlos, including the fact that Section 6 is actually just Alec, everyone else seems to be keeping them…

Mayoral candidate Jim Martin (Tahmoh Penikett) returns, though Carlos isn’t quite sure he trusts him yet, and that would appear to be a good thing, as he seems to be in bed with both sides of Liber8 (we see him meeting with Travis (Roger Cross) and Sonya (Lexa Doig)), pulling strings behind the scenes, and undoubtedly going to cause some serious problems down the line.

We also learn who Emily (Magda Apanowicz) is actually working for… Escher (Hugh Dillon) and we get to see her go all Black Widow on someone who breaks into Alec’s house looking for him. And he seemed to be carrying some future tech…

Things go really bad in the trial when Alec’s mom Ann (Janet Kidder) commits perjury to protect Julian, leaving Alec wondering whether to tell the truth or protect his family despite their actions.

jpegIt also seems that someone else, claiming to be from Section 6 is stealing bodies from the morgue, the two Liber8 bodies have gone missing, as has the body of Kiera’s future partner Elena (Caitlin Cromwell). Hoping to keep Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) off her back she tells him to run it down, and he comes back with a picture of the person who was posing as a Section 6 agent as well as a possible location; and the two of them form an uneasy alliance to go have a look.


There’s a sequence in which Kiera and Carlos go to rescue a family who are being held hostage to make one of the jurors on Julian’s case return an innocent verdict, and Kiera uses her suit, the first time, despite turning it on, she doesn’t help Carlos at all, and the second time, while she’s kicking one thug’s butt, it makes no sense that the other thug didn’t take a shot.

scanOh well.

Despite that, I like the politics and the maneuvering that was going on in this episode, and am interested to see how things turn out, especially now that we know Emily is with Escher, that Martin is with both sides of Liber8, and Travis is tying up loose ends.

There were also some nice parallels with Julian’s trial in the present and his one in the future.

And what about Betty (Jennifer Spence)? How long will she stay hidden in plain sight?

What did you think of this week’s ep?

Continuum airs on Sundays on Showcase.


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