Foxy Brown (1974) – Jack Hill

The iconic and lovely Pam Grier stars in this blaxploitation film that makes a very welcome appearance on the 101 Action Movies list.

Grier is sexy, kicks ass, and sets the stage for future action heroines as the titular Foxy Brown.

When her boyfriend, the original Battlestar Galactica’s Colonel Tigh – Terry Carter, a narcotics agent, is set up by Foxy’s brother Link (Antonio Fargas – Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch) to help pay his debts off and keep his own drug business going, Foxy goes all out for revenge, bringing the crime empire down from within.

The drug and prostitution ring is run by Katherine Wall (Kathryn Loder) and her second, and the man she loves, Steve Elias (Peter Brown). Unfortunately, Elias has an eye for the ladies.

No one is safe from Foxy’s righteous vengeance, and she looks amazing as she goes about her revenge, a variety of costumes and hair styles, all of them making her look stunning and sexy. She emasculates a corrupt judge, takes on a bar-full of karate-trained lesbians (yup, you read that right), she can hide a pistol in her afro, and she delivers a final surprise to Ms. Wall in the film’s climax.

Foxy Brown Pam GrierThe film is surprisingly engaging for a film that is almost 40 years old, although yes, some of it is a little dated, and there are stereotypes at play, it is still a wonderfully fun film, carried almost completely by the charm, grace and beauty of the amazing Pam Grier.

There are other recognizable faces in the film as well,  cult fave Sid Haig makes an appearance as a pilot, it actually took me a moment to recognize him!

Of all the blaxploitation films to come from this era, I’d say this one is probably my favorite and the best, there’s sex appeal, violence, revenge, everything you would expect from a gritty 70s film. Jack Hill and Grier had worked together previously on Coffey, but I think this is the stronger film.

Watching Foxy take it to the man, and exacting her revenge, even when the odds seem against her… she gets captured and sent to ‘the farm,’ where they plan to keep her doped up and use her anyway they like, she makes her escape, keeps her cool, trades some witty jibes as well as punches, and proves that no one can mess with her, a point she makes with a rather painful castration.

This film cemented Grier’s place in film history, a well-deserved one at that, and it’s hard to take your eyes off of her anytime she’s on the screen, she exudes charm, sexuality, cool, and a dangerous edge.

I was quite happy to find the time to watch this film, and may very well hunt down more of Pam Grier’s films, as I only knew her from Coffey, Foxy, Jackie Brown, and of course her appearances on Miami Vice.

Do you have a favorite Pam Grier or blaxploitation film? What would you recommend?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vinnieh says:

    Great review, I read that Tarantino was influenced by this for Jackie Brown. I’ll have to check it out

  2. Audrey says:

    I loved her in Jackie Brown and the show L Word 🙂

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