Continuum Catch-Up


After trips, film festivals and catching up with some dear friends, I finally had time to catch-up on my Continuum, as season 2 started while I was away. So I settled in and caught up on the 3 episodes I’d missed so far.

The first thing I realized was that despite having a huge Continuum season 1 poster on my wall featuring the lovely Rachel Nichols, I honestly forgot how much I crushed on her. Wow. And it was awesome to see Protector Kiera Cameron back in action.

rachel-nichols-continuum-season-2-promo-pics-08So 3 episodes in and what do I think so far?

I’m really enjoying it, and is it me, or does this season seem a little darker and grittier? It feels that way to me.

Travis (Roger Cross) survives Sonya’s (Lexa Doig) assassination attempt, which causes a split of the Liber8 group. Alec (Erik Knudsen) is dealing with the message his future self (William B. Davis), and the real reason he sent Keira back. He is also starting to be tempted by Kellog (Stephen Lobo) to come and work with him, as he offers the young fellow all the resources he could want, and a lifestyle he had only dreamed of.

And then there’s Alec’s step brother Julian (Richard Harmon) who is now doing his time in prison. He is starting to realize he’s just a valuable asset as both splinters of Liber8 fight over him, a fight that is occurring outside the prison as well, as gang members’ bodies seem to keep piling up.

Rooting through it all is Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) who saw Kiera disappear when she activated her suit at the bomb site. He doesn’t know how or where she fits into everything, but he certainly believes she is up to no good, and may be the leak that seems to exist somewhere inside the PD.

Kiera is not exactly off the grid from the police, but she’s working a bit on her own to give them a plausible deniability, and gives Kiera the chance to use her future tech, and we remember how much I love her suit, and her gun is pretty wicked as well.

continuum203photosThe split of Liber8 sees them drawing gangs into the fight with them, which isn’t exactly in keeping with Kagame’s vision for combatting the corporations.

We learn Kiera had a sister, who took her own life in a tear-enducing scene, the victim of a drug that has now found its way onto the modern day streets of Vancouver. Alec tries it with the intention of seeing something about his father and instead sees Jason (Ian Tracey), another time-traveler, who is seen chatting with Alec’s mother.

Jason has also been to see Kiera, but intercepted by Carlos (Victor Webster) who passes on the message of free-lancers, and the theory that everytime there has been a quantum leap forward in our tech, it’s because a freelancer gave them a little bump.

The action has been amped up, the assault on the prison transport trucks that is transporting Travis, the shoot out in the flash laboratory.

Everything seems bigger, darker, and grittier this season, and that isn’t a complaint.

What do you think of the season so far?

Continuum airs Sunday nights on Showcase.


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