Bermuda and Back Again: A Happy Hobbit’s Return Home and a Film Festival Part 4

I’ve been cruising round the island on my rented scooter, and I have to tell you, it took me a couple days to get back into the groove of the thing. I used to bomb around the island on my moped, taking the curves and corners at speed, or at least that’s the way I remember it.

Now, I’m definitely more cautious, but I can feel a little of my old confidence coming back to me. So much so that I put in my earbuds for the drive to town today. When I was a teen my helmet actually covered my ears, and there was a spot on either side of my head where my headphones would sit perfectly, and on a dark night, I’d take the harbor road home with the Lost Boys or The Living Daylights soundtracks blaring inside my helmet.

So I threw the Bond soundtracks in shuffle on my ipod and took to the roads, and it was just like old times, I’m really starting to get back into driving about the island. Now 40kph doesn’t seem fast, but on a small island with tiny roads, it can seem pretty speedy. Then throw in a rain storm on my way home, and oh boy…


Not to worry, I got back to my apartment safe 🙂

I also finally got into the water today, I had a little time this morning, so a quick walk down the road led me to a tiny beach and in I went.

Well, slowly. Even I’ll admit the water was a little cool today, but once I was in it, it was fantastic. Just could have used a little more sun, it was a bit cloudy. Nonetheless it was so good to be in the ocean again… I do so love the water.

Then I headed back into town for a few more screenings with a stopover in between for dinner at Flanagan’s, which was one of the few places open on a Sunday. I totally forgot that the island practically shuts down on Sundays, it’s actually really relaxing.

One of the things that has bothered me about this trip is a number of empty storefronts and spaces for rent, a lot of them in prime locations. I guess the economy is bad all over. But it was really disheartening to see so many barren shops.

While I was out and about, I swung by the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society, this was the second stage I ever acted on, the first at MSA, is literally across the street. I really miss stagecraft.

Monday is mostly free and depending on weather there may be some beach time involved before my screening. Or perhaps there will be more bombing around the island tracking down memories of myself…



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