Bermuda and Back Again: A Happy Hobbit’s Return Home and a Film Festival Part 2


The first night back, and it was amazing. I wandered around St. Georges reacquainting myself  with the lay of the land, and a couple things struck me right away… I forgot the smell, the salt water of the ocean mixing with hibiscus and fern, and I forgot the quiet. It settles right down at night, and for someone who has spent the last number of years in cities, it makes a welcome respite from the noise and clutter that one becomes assisted to in the big city. And the accenrs, a mish mash of Caribbean and English, and I heard the phrase “Check ya later,” from the endearing couple I’m renting my apartment from, the Oatleys, who have a charming and nearly blind and deaf dog named Betsy.

Now, as I sit here, waiting for the arrival of my moped for the week from Elbow Beach Cycles, I’m already planning the day’s adventure… catching up with my dear friend Tina, collecting my press kit and apparently, there’s a meet and greet this evening at Goslings Wine Cellar.

I want to visit my school, I’ve even tracked down one of my favorite teachers, my homes (we moved a couple of times due to extensions of our stay), and just revel in being back at one of the places that truly does feel like home to me.


After a few early shakey moments I mostly settled into the idea of driving a scooter. 40kph may not seem like a lot, but on tiny roads, it can be a little disconcerting.

My first stop was the offices of the Bermuda International Film Festival to pick up my guest package and invites to all the get-togethers. (There’s a lot of them!) It was also great to put names to faces of people I’ve been emailing for a couple of months.

From there I wandered the halls of Mount Saint Agnes Academy, and revisited the first stage I acted on, THAT was cool. All the students, and honestly, everyone so far has been exceedingly friendly – I don’t remember a lot of that on my last trip, but this time it was definitely like coming home…

From there I cruised along south shore eyeing the gorgeous beaches there, not sure I’m going to be able to hit them til Monday… but who knows.

Then it was down Somerset way to drive up Cedarcraft Lane to a home and the end of it, mine! Well not anymore, but for a time in the 80s it was!!


I swung by Whalebone bay… and climbed a steep hill to the fort situated atop it. This, was our place when I was an angsty teen. This is where I would sit and look out at the water and dream… It has the same effect on me now.

I had to refill my gas tank, a whopping $5, and then headed back St. Georges way, stopping at the Swizzle Inn for a brief respite… YUM!

Now, I have to get ready for the Opening Night Reception at Goslings Wine Cellar, then hopefully meeting up with my friend Tina before my first screening of the festival… The Act of Killing, at the Liberty Theater.

All in all… I call that a good day, and the weather has been gorgeous!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    I loved whalebay fort! Nothing like having a ruined fort 5 minutes from your house to spark the imagination!

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